Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lightning McQueen

We have been wanting to get Parker some sort of rideable toy since he likes to climb on things and pretend to go. So today we bought this little car and he LOVES it!! It plays music and talks and everything...I'm not really sure what I have gotten myself into however, because he pushes the buttons OVER and OVER...of course!
Checkin on his 'passenger', his puppy!
It took him all of about 5 minutes to realize he now had a mobile stool to reach things he couldn't quite reach before...luckily for us, he hasn't figured out how to twist the doorknobs yet!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sugar Cookie Frenzie

I was really wanting some cookies yesterday and I thought it would be fun to make some sugar cookies with Parker. He really enjoyed it and we had a lot of fun! They were all eaten by last night (there wasn't a whole lot to begin with) so we might just have to make some more tomorrow!
Sneaking some cookie dough...(He didn't originally want to try any, but saw me eating some, so he decided to try it)
Turns out he LOVES cookie Mother, like Son!!
Parker really liked the rolling pin

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy NEW YEAR!!

2009 was a great year for us, although not too much happened. Here are some of the highlights from this past year:
  • Chris officially finished his degree by completing his last internship with South Industries located in Menan, Idaho. They hired him on and in October we were sent to Florida for a few months for a project.
  • Parker turned 1 and was able to celebrate with most of our family. He is running all over the place and is our pride and joy!
  • We found out we are pregnant with our second child (Due in July).
  • Spent lots of time with friends and family.

We had a pretty good year and are excited to see what 2010 has in store for us. We will be starting off the year by heading to Kansas for another project and will be there for about 4 months.

This year for New Years Eve and Day, we were able to be in Seattle with my family. It was a pretty low key night. Chris, Parker and I went over to Bri and Mike's (my sister and brother-in-law) new house for a couple hours and met some of their friends and talked, ate some great food and played a little Band Hero on the Wii. It was really fun, and I even started to get pretty good on the drums...the guitars, not so much! We only stayed a couple hours because Parker only had 1 nap and was getting pretty tired. We spent the rest of the night watching a movie, but honestly, most of us fell asleep way before midnight. Don't worry, I got woken up like 30 seconds before midnight to watch the fireworks and whatnot. It was a nice relaxing night and New Years Day was fairly relaxing as well.

Chris and I started off the year by going on a much needed date. It has been FOREVER since we've been able to go out just the two of us. My parents were nice enough to watch Parker. We went out to dinner at the Ram and then to see The Blind Side, really good by the way, and then finished off the evening with ice cream from Baskin Robins. It was really fun and a great way to start off the year! I hope everyone has a great year...