Sunday, March 31, 2013

It's Easter Time Again

I was just thinking about the previous Easter holidays and realized that we have celebrated it in a completely different state EVERY year for the last 5 years (Idaho, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and now California)!!!! We will have to see if this little tradition continues next year or if it will finally come to an end...right now I'm thinking the latter! Every year has been fun celebrating it with the boys and our friends, and this year was no exception! Yesterday our ward's primary did an Easter egg hunt complete with a continental style breakfast with muffins, yogurt and fruit, and a craft at the park. It was awesome and the weather held out until later in the day which made it even more perfect. There was a great turn out and the boys had a blast playing on the toys and hunting for eggs, which really only lasted for a couple minutes! 

Today was just a low-key type of day that consisted of church, relaxation, egg hunt and a delicious dinner. I am really so grateful for this Easter season where we can stop and remember our Savior and how he suffered for all of our sins so that we might return to live with him one day. I am so lucky to be a member of his true church and hope I can always remember him and follow his example. Happy Easter everyone!!!!
 Parker was too fast for me to get any good pictures of him :(
 Is it really so hard to look at the camera??!! 
 Playin' on the slide with his little friend from cute!
 Love's his stickers! 

Easter Sunday

 My favorite boys :)
 These next two were taken courtesy of Parker...he didn't do such a bad job!!

 Easter Egg Hunt - at Home

 We labeled their eggs so we knew whose were also was a great letter recognition activity, and it made the hunt last a little longer. It was a win, win!!
 After about 10 different tries I finally got a good picture of him!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Beach in March?

I think YES!!! For our fun adventure/activity this weekend we decided to finally give in to Parker's request to go to the beach! It was supposed to be in the low 70's all weekend so why not? It's times like these that I tend to forget it's still winter in almost the rest of the country..I'll take this over snow and cold temps ANY DAY!! We went to the main beach with the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz. At first we just walked around the boardwalk to see what all there was. Naturally the boys both wanted to ride ever ride in sight and eat as much ice cream as they could...for now we will save that for another weekend! After lunch, which we brought, we headed to the real reason we went...THE BEACH!! The boys have been looking forward to playing in the sand forever. They had a blast and it really tired them out.
Their sandcastles didn't really last very long before Ty would come up behind them and smash them all to the ground!
 Precious moments like these are my favorite!
 We hadn't originally planned on getting in the water...
 ...perhaps maybe we should have! Next time we won't be as naive and be sure to bring a change of clothes and swim suits!  
 In heaven!! They both loved getting as close as they could to the water and then try to out run the waves as they came in...didn't always work out...especially for Parker! He may have fallen a time or two...
 Can't wait to go back!!!