Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tyler's Birthday Extravaganza!!!

We took 2 days to celebrate Tyler's 1st birthday! Since his actual birthday was on Tuesday, July 12 we decided to go out to dinner when Chris got off work and then celebrate it on Saturday at a water park with some of our friends from church. For dinner we went to Chuck E. Cheese's and they seemed to have a pretty good time, although I think they would love it even more when they are a little older and can play more of the games.

The classic Chuck E. Cheese's picture! I'm just glad I got a couple pictures of this because the picture machine was broken :(
Climbing up the slide, which by the way he made it all the way to the top...By HIMSELF!
Parker was really tired, I can't remember if he had a nap that day, but I'm kinda think maybe not!
CHEESE!!!! :)
On Saturday, July 16, we invited our friends (Hadsall Family and Walker Family) and Chris' brother Greg to come with us to Pelican Bay Aquatic Park. Both families hadn't ever been there so it was fun that they were able to go. We had a blast and everyone was worn out afterwards. I realized today that every time we go to this park I take pictures, but always in the same area. I haven't really gotten any pictures of them playing anywhere else...oh well they are still cute!When we were tired from the pool we had everyone come over to our apartment for Pizza, Cake and Presents. After Tyler went to bed the adults played a game while the kids kept playing quietly in the next room. It was a fun-filled day!!
The Walkers gave him this really cute V-Tech learning toy, which of course he loves because it has buttons and it makes lots of noise!
He got sippy cups, and bath toys, gift cards/money and books too!!
His adorable cake from Walmart!
His very own birthday "smash" cake!
He sure loved that cake!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day 2011

This year was the first year in awhile that we weren't in Idaho for the 4th of July. We missed being with family and attending the parade and fireworks in Idaho Falls, it just wasn't quite the same. However, we still had a pretty fun day here in Oklahoma. Chris did a little bit of work in the morning and then we all packed up and headed to Pelican Bay Aquatic Center to do a little swimming before we had to pick up Chris' brother, Greg, from the airport. We were there for about an hour or so and then hurried to the airport, and hurried back to the pool where we spent about another 1 1/2 hours or so. It was a blast and a perfect way to spend the HOT afternoon!! The boys were both exhausted and conked out about 2 blocks from the pool. We went home and got dinner and just relaxed for a few hours. Tyler went to "bed" for a little bit since the only naps he got yesterday were in the car. Around 9:45 pm we woke Tyler up and all headed over to the school where Chris is building the dome and we watched the firework show done by the casino. It was pretty good, but I found myself not really paying all that much attention to it this year. Since there was no music or presentation to listen to with the show, it was just really quiet and not quite as good. There were some people shooting off some big fireworks in the parking lot where we were and Tyler wasn't too sure about them at first but he actually did really well and watched a little bit of the show when it started. Parker also seemed to lose interest. All in all though it was a nice day and we were happy to be able to spend it with Chris and his brother!!! Happy 4th of July!!!!! :)
Tyler has aged from 11 months to about 80 years old in this picture, complete with white mustache!!!! haha
Could it be? Is Parker really starting to let me take his picture again???!!!
We only had one injury yesterday...if you look closely you'll see a nice scrape/bruise above Tyler's right eye...he fell head first out of the stroller in the bathroom at the pool. I just wasn't quick enough, I felt so bad for him but like his brother he bounced back rather quickly and was fine a few minutes later!
Since Greg got here Parker has been pretty attached to him and gets all excited when he sees him, it's pretty funny. All you other Aunts and Uncles to the boys better step it up if you want to compete for the spot of favorite aunt/uncle, because right now I am pretty sure Greg is winning!!!
Parker said the fireworks were scary so he was peeking through the opening in the stroller watch them. Haha
After several attempts, this was the best picture we got of the family!

Friday, July 1, 2011

5 Years Baby!!

June 24 was mine and Chris' 5 year ANNIVERSARY!!! I can't believe how fast it's gone and how fast it will continue to go. A lot has happened in the last 5 years. Some of the highlights are: we both graduated college at BYU-Idaho, we had 2 amazing boys come into our family who keep our lives entertaining and fun, and have moved 4 times, with no end in sight of moving around the country with Chris' job.

We kept our anniversary this year pretty low-key, mainly because it was on a Friday and Chris had to work that day and really early the following day, so we had his brother Greg babysit for us and we went out to dinner to Olive Garden (love this place!), went to Sam's Club to pick up a bunch of water for work (yeah I know, exciting right! haha But the closest Sam's is like 35 miles away, so we just decided to kill two birds with one stone!), then we went to Target and walked around, looked at strollers since we decided our gift this year was going to be a double stroller for the boys. I am really tired of having to try and keep taps on Parker when going anywhere! We actually found one that was on sale, it was a jogging stroller that someone bought online and then returned it. We had never really considered jogging strollers, but since it was on sale were snatched it up! However, once we got it home and unpacked it we realized why we have never considered them...they are sooo bulky and it didn't fold up very easily!! Definitely wouldn't work very well at airports or fit very easily in the trunk of a car or travel around with us very easily, so we too took it back to the store and our search continues! After Target we headed over to Academy Sports to look at Kickboxing gloves for me (I went to a class with a friend at the YMCA and absolutely LOVED it, so I wanted my own gloves to use when I go again, because I will be!). After that we headed home.

I know not that exciting of a night, especially when most people consider 5 years one of those anniversaries that you go all out on and go on a trip or at least do something bigger than in previous years, but it was a nice and fun night just the same. It was nice to be able to go out to dinner and walk around the stores without the boys screaming and yelling and to be able to actually get through a conversation without being interrupted!! Thank's again Greg for watching the boys, you're awesome!!!

It has been an amazing 5 years and I look forward to the next 5 and the rest of eternity with you! I love you Chris, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!