Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Before the Trunk or Treat we carved our pumpkin so we could take it for our decoration. Parker did NOT like the stringy stuff or the seeds inside, but he didn't mind playing with a spoon and sticking it inside the pumpkin, it was pretty funny.
The final product...

Trunk or Treat

Tonight we went to our ward's Chili Cookoff & Trunk or Treat. We went with the other family that we came to Florida with, Nathan, Emily, Samuel & Matthew. We ate dinner first and then went outside for the Trunk or Treat. The food was all really good. The Trunk or Treat was fun, but it was really humid, so we all got sweaty pretty fast! We all came to the consensus that we would rather have a little bit chillier weather as apposed to the humidity. Parker seemed to get the hang of getting candy, however he basically just wanted to run all over the place. This year he went as Buz Lightyear. The costume looked so cute on him!

To Infinity and BEYOND...(Thee booties are too small to go over his shoes, so he didn't wear them tonight)
Not quite sure about the pumpkin...
He thought maybe he should just take the whole bowl!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

St. Augustine, Florida

Yesterday we went to the beach and it was awesome! We had so much fun. I wasn't sure how Parker would like it and turns out he is a HUGE fan!! He loved splashing in the water and running around on the sand. We are probably going to have to go to some other beaches while we are here...the ocean was SOOO warm, it was awesome!
He loved running on the sand...
After he had just face-planted in the water!
Parker's new bestie, Samuel
Running yet again!


After the beach we went to lunch at Red Lobster and then we went and walked around this fort that was built in 1672. It was pretty cool and they shot one of the cannons off as well.
My guys...

Monday, October 12, 2009

We're HERE!!

(**Sorry in advance for the length...this is all for my journaling sake, but still feel free to read it if you would like!)

Yesterday Parker and I flew from Phoenix to Orlando. Our flight left at 9:45 am so I was up by about 5:45 am to get ready and finish packing. We got to the airport around 8:15 or so and it was pretty busy because most, if not all, the schools were on October break this coming week so everyone was going on vacation. Anyways, there were two lines to check-in/check bags and one was really long and the other was pretty much empty, but they weren't just letting anybody in this line...HOWEVER, we were able to go through! Because Parker was riding on my lap, they let me go through because it takes forever to check the luggage and print his boarding document and stuff. My dad asked if the nonstop flight was completely full and if they could switch my flight, but it was full so we had to stick to our flight :(

Well, we boarded our plane and got a pretty good seat, next to the window (I almost got an entire row to myself!) and I was able to get 2 seats which was nice because then Parker got to walk a little more and also sit on his own seat if he wanted to. He did really well on the first flight to Columbus, Ohio. It was about a 3 hour flight and he slept for about the last 45 minutes or so, which was nice. I was afraid he wasn't going to sleep at all. We then had about an hour and a half layover in Ohio before we left for Orlando and I'm glad it wasn't any longer because Parker was starting to get really cranky at this point and he was wearing a harness so that he could walk around but not get lost. He didn't really like this much though because he couldn't walk more than like 4 feet or something.

Our 2nd plane was delayed about 30 minutes, but we again were able to get 2 seats to ourselves, next to the window. This flight was only about 2 hours and Parker actually did really well on this flight too...he slept for about the last hour or so. We got to Orlando about 8:30 pm (Eastern time). After we got our bags and got situated in the car we had to drive another 2 hours to Gainesville. Dang, there are a TON of toll roads here! I think we went through like 4 or 5 before we finally got on the main freeway...I mean seriously?? I think we may have paid twice on the same freeway somehow! We had to make a stop about 1/2 way because Parker was yelling/crying and I was really hungry so we got Parker some milk to put in his sippy cup and I got something to eat (that was more substantial than crackers/cookies/fruit snacks). So, we ended up getting to our apartment around 11:45 pm and then of course Parker had to explore the apartment for awhile so all in all we didn't really finally all get to bed until around 1 or so in the morning!!

It was a crazy long day, but we are so glad to finally be here and Parker and I were excited to see Chris after a week (it was the first time since we've been married that we were apart for longer than a day or two!). We still aren't exactly sure how long we are staying here, but it will be at least a month. I'll post some pictures of our apartment soon, but it's really nice and I'm pretty pleased with it.

Sister Date

On Monday, October 5 we all went to see Fame and went to eat dinner at Red Brick Pizza. It was pretty fun and it was nice to get out for awhile without Parker. He stayed home with my dad and step-mom and they took him to Target to get a new toy and to Dairy Queen for some ice cream. He had lots of fun too!!

**Pictures coming soon!**

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

1st Haircut

On Monday afternoon, Kelsey gave Parker his very first haircut! It was so cute and he did so well. Kelsey has been waiting so long to do this and she did such a GREAT job!! I took a video of the whole here to see it!

Not quite sure what Kelsey is doing...but it was funny!
He was starting to get fussy, so we gave him a comb to play with.
Wanting to be done already...even though it was only like 5 minutes!
He got a certificate...
Look at all that hair...this is just some of the hair, there was a little more. (Sorry this is sideways, I'm not sure why it's doing that!)

Night at the Park

After Parker and I arrived in Arizona and we had dinner and got settled we decided to walk to the park while my dad was at the Priesthood session of conference. Parker had fun on the swings and the slide. We didn't stay very long because it was getting dark, but it was still fun.

Sad Day

Yesterday I went to look at some of the pictures on my camera and they were ALL GONE!!!! Okay not all of them, just the ones from August 8 until now. I seriously was about to start crying...I haven't been able to upload them to my computer for the last few weeks so I really don't have them anymore! At least I have pretty much caught up on our blog until we got to Arizona, so I have some record of stuff, it just makes me sick because all the other pictures that I didn't post are gone and I can't do anything about it. And my step-mom has taken TONS of pictures since we've been here, so I'll have those. I am still just not sure what happened to my card and don't understand where they all disappeared to!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This past Saturday Parker and I flew down to Arizona for a week to surprise my dad, step-mom, sister and step-brother. It was AWESOME! I was so excited to surprise them because I've never been able to do that. They were so step-mom couldn't stop crying and couldn't believe that we were really here. We will be here until Sunday morning and then we will be flying out to Florida...finally! I don't have any pictures of the surprise, but if you want to see the video click here.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Lizzy's Helper

The other day my cousin Lizzy was vacuuming the kitchen and Parker decided to start helping. He's in the phase now were he likes to help us do whatever it is that we are doing. It's so cute.
"Hey Mom, I'm just vacuuming!"

Little Red Car

Chris was fixing the muffler, as best he could for now, and Parker wanted to play with him in the garage. So while he was doing that, Parker played with this cute car. He had a blast, and threw a fit when he had to come inside. We might just have to get him one of those! He didn't get the hang of going forward, but he could go backwards just fine.

10 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed...

...1 fell off and BUMPED his head! Okay, he wasn't really jumping on the bed, and he really didn't fall off of anything. The week before last we were watching my cousins while my aunt and uncle were out of town and Parker tripped on the rug in the Family Room and face-planted into the front of the ottoman. He got the biggest goose-egg EVER on his forehead. I felt so bad for him.

This was after he calmed down a bit. The pictures don't really do it justice...the bump was like the size of a quarter at least!
He didn't want me to take his picture anymore!

Top Of Utah Marathon

Here is my Step-dad running in the Marathon in Logan, Utah on September 19. It's not the greatest pictures, but it works! We didn't get to the finish line in time, so these were the only pictures I got. I think these were at the 24 mile mark or something (right across the street from the coolest park ever!) It was a beautiful day, and Logan is so pretty. I'm glad we went, we had a lot of fun.

Awesome Park

A couple weekends ago we went to watch my step-dad run in the Top Of Utah Marathon in Logan. At one of the stops there was this really cool park with a toddler section and then a section for older kids. It was huge! We let Parker play on it for a few minutes while we were waiting for my step-dad to run past. He loved it.

This was a plane that you could sit in
He ended up loving the slide...