Wednesday, September 17, 2014

More Family Came!!!- May 9, 2014

Chris' brother, Jeff, and his family came down for about a week to visit us and visit some of the families he taught on his mission in San Jose. It was so much fun to have them stay with us and the boys had a ton of fun playing with their cousins! On Saturday, we drove up to the Oakland Temple to walk around.

 We ventured down to the Monterey Bay Aquarium...with a stop first at a little beach area to eat lunch!
 Gorgeous view...

 Kaydon and Tyler having a blast in the water fall room!
 But we spent the most time in the water table least an hour!
Went swimming of course, where Uncle Jeff got his workout in from throwing the boys all over the pool!! (Parker had to miss out on this fun since he was in school...)
And what is a trip to California without going to the beach?!
 Me with my nephew!
These boys had the time of their life!
These pictures really cracked me up! Having some quiet time before bed, each on their own device! haha They were all racing each other on this race car game!
Thanks for coming to visit us!!! We had a blast and wish we lived closer to you guys :)

Mother's Day Tea- May 9, 2014

The Kindergarten class put together a special Mother's Day Tea and presentation on the Friday before Mother's Day. Each child made a special crown for their mom and had it sitting on their own special chair in the Multi-Purpose Room. When we were all seated, the kids filed in and stood on the stage where they then sang a few songs that they had practiced for us. It was so cute!! 

I actually didn't get a picture of Parker and me...but this one turned out cute of Tyler and me waiting for Parker to come in.
After their songs we all went back to their classroom and had cookies and tea (or water!) and watched a cute little video the kids had put together of why their mom was awesome! It was a fun afternoon!