Sunday, April 24, 2011


Easter was a nice relaxing day, except for the fact that it rained poured ALL day, complete with thunder & lightning the ENTIRE day as well. We went to church, took naps, had a small egg hunt and had a nice dinner (ham, potato casserole, jell-o, and green beans). It was great to spend the day together as a family and think about the real reason we celebrate Easter.

Tyler's 1st Easter
Showing me what the Easter Bunny brought him:
I LOVE this picture of Tyler-man :) haha
Their baskets were apparently much more interesting than taking a picture!
Closest attempt at both boys looking at the camera...
Parker stole Tyler's musical Reece's Bunny and he wanted it back!!
Hope you all had a HAPPY EASTER!!

Tyler's Easter Dance

While I am working on catching up the blog here is a video to hopefully tide you over! We got this cute little stuffed animal for Easter and I think it's safe to say he's a fan!! Enjoy :)

Easter Egg Hunt Part 1

This past Saturday we were invited to a friend's house in our ward for a big Easter Egg Hunt and BBQ. It was a blast and the weather decided to hold out until about an hour after we went home!! There were a few other families there with their kids as well and we all brought eggs to hide. After the hunt we had BBQ chicken, salads, dips, cookies, and drinks. Parker had a blast and it was a fun thing to do for Easter, especially being away from our family.

(Can't figure out why it's turned like this...)
Tyler wanted in on the action too...
Closest I got to a smile...goofy boy!
Talking with his new little friends Carter and Brianna.
Parker LOVED this little tractor, it was just his size!
All the kids after the hunt with their baskets and candy!

Bubble Clouds

This past Friday was an interesting day, weather-wise. We were under a tornado watch for a good part of the day and then right around dinner time the sirens started going off and we were under a tornado warning. So we threw put everyone into the car and drove over to the public shelter at the fire station. We stayed there for about 30-45 minutes and then left. Nothing really came of the storm, but now we know where to go and whatnot. It was predicted that we would have more storms through the night and since the sirens weren't very loud we were afraid we wouldn't be able to hear them while we are sleeping, so we headed over to Walmart (quickly becoming our daily go-to place) and picked up a weather radio along with a backpack and snacks and whatnot to put inside for our "Tornado Warning" bag. It's got diapers, wipes, snacks, a few toys and stuff to do for the boys, water, bottles and basically stuff that we would need to keep the boys entertained and taken care of while we are in the shelter. I wanted just 1 bag to have to take instead of 2 or 3 bags, plus the boys if I were to have to go by myself during the day or something.

Anyways, when we were leaving Walmart we saw all these people standing by the door looking at the sky and we were like what is going on? We thought maybe they were watching a tornado or something. But no, we got outside and saw what everyone was looking at.How cool are these clouds?! I've never seen anything like it before, they were simply amazing! And with the sun going down it looked even more cool.

Easter Egg Dying

The other night we were finally able to dye some Easter Eggs. Parker seemed to enjoy it a whole lot more this year than last. (He didn't throw them into the cups this year!) It was fun to do this with him while Tyler was asleep.
The closest one of Parker "smiling" at the camera. He is turning out to not be very photogenic/cooperative, hoping it's just his age!!
That's better!! So cute :)

Chris' Birthday

Chris turned 29 on April 12, which being a Tuesday meant he had to work all day. Since he had to be to work at 7 I got up at 5:30 am to make him breakfast before he left. We then kept the Birthday spirit going by bringing him lunch and cookies at work. And then when he got home we went out to dinner at this Mexican Restaurant we had been wanting to try followed by ice-cream cake and presents. It was a nice day and Chris even said it was the BEST birthday ever!!

Birthday Breakfast consisting of pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs, strawberries and orange juice!
Goofy Tyler at the restaurant:
Tyler being his cute self...
All day long Parker kept saying it was his birthday, so naturally he had to help his dad open the presents!
I love this picture because it looks like Parker is telling Chris what this gift is and what he's supposed to do with it. haha
All the loot he got from us...He also got a gift card and some spending money.
Happy Birthday Chris!!! We Love You :)

All Tuckered Out

The other night we put Parker down for the night and at one point when we walked around the corner we saw:

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Oklahoma City Zoo

Today we went with the Jensens (the other family here with us for a few weeks) to the Zoo in Oklahoma City. It was so much fun and the weather was perfect in the morning. We decided to go first thing so we would be done by the time the hottest part of the day rolled around. Some of the animals we saw were bears, wolves, lions, elephants, rhinos, eagles, alligators and several others. We didn't even make it to part of the zoo because it was just so big! After we saw the animals that we did see we let the kids play on this awesome playground to deplete the rest of their energy for the ride home! They had a blast and I'm so glad we got to go...we may just have to go again while we are here so Parker can see the Children's Zoo (which we didn't make it to).

We rented a double stroller since we don't have one...Parker didn't really sit in it very much however...oh well it became a great place to pack our stuff into!
Don't really know what this was, some rhino looking thing! lol
Parker didn't really want to look at the all!
Tyler was all for it, however!
Family photo!
Elephant #1- This exhibit has only been open a week apparently. It was pretty amazing, and huge!
Elephant #2
Amber, her 2 girls and Parker at the Elephant Exhibit
Sarah and Parker found a squirrel on the path and stopped to watch it for a minute.
Grizzly Bear
Our last attempt at a family picture...Tyler was too interested in the waterfall behind us, which made it a little difficult to get him to look at the camera!
The awesome playground (only a part of it) that the kids loved!