Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Day in San Antonio

Yesterday we spent the entire day in San Antonio. We met up with the two other families who are here with us and took turns watching all of the kids while each couple went to the temple for an hour or two. It was beautiful and we were so glad we were able to go! Afterwards we all went out to lunch at Firehouse Subs. It was this cool little sandwich place that was all decorated with fire-related stuff. The kids meals even came with a fun fire hat, which of course the boys loved! The subs were DELICIOUS!!! We were quite pleased with the food and how it tasted. They had this cool little soda machine that had at least 120 flavors and it had a touch screen where you pick your flavor and then fill your cup up, it was pretty cool.

Such a little ham!! 
 The best shot I could get of 5 of the 8 kids!!
After lunch we all went our separate ways, everyone wanted to see/do something different. We had planned to go to this fun water park I found that actually opened last weekend (it is the only one that is open right now!!) We figured we should take advantage of it being open this early because of it being 98 degrees (didn't feel that hot once we were in the water, it was so nice!) and me only having about 3 more weeks before I can't travel anywhere until after the baby gets here. We went to Splashtown San Antonio and it was a blast! By the time we got there it was just after 4 so we got the discounted evening price and we just stayed until it closed at 7. They had the most amazing kid's area with TONS of slides that most of which even Tyler could go on! And these slides weren't little chincy short slides, they had all different lengths and styles that were similar to adult slides, just shorter with a slower water flow. They boys loved it and was so fun watching Tyler play this year, since last year he was only crawling. It was also nice because Parker didn't need to have a life jacket on because it was only about 2 ft deep or so! The only thing was Chris and I weren't really able to go on any of the slides, mainly because of my current condition and it really took two of us to watch the boys. It was awesome though because it wasn't crowded AT ALL!! There weren't lines for anything, The kids area wasn't too packed so the boys had plenty of room to run and splash around. We are sad that we probably won't be able to go back while we are here!! 
This was pretty much his reaction to all the slides...he was seriously in heaven!
 Both of the boys loved this slide too (I don't have a picture of Tyler on it though)
Tyler's thing was that he figured out that he could jump/fall face forward and then his life jacket would flip him over to his back and he could just float. He thought this game was the best game ever and every time he'd end up on his back he was say "I tuck, I tuck!!!" We would pick him up and he'd do it again, I think we will be buying a life jacket like this one because it seemed to work really well for him!
 The only picture I got of both boys playing next to each other.
 He wasn't too sure about the water squirting out of this slide, so he decided not to bother with it. Parker wasn't even a huge fan of the water, so he would either walk a few steps past it and go down or at one point we saw him lay down before going through the water and sliding down underneath it! haha 
 Moving on to the next slide...
...Getting into position...
 ...This one he loved and went down several times!
 My favorite boys! :)