Sunday, April 7, 2013

SF Giants

Parker has just started playing T-Ball and had his very first game yesterday! The league had already started when we signed him up a couple weeks ago and they didn't have practices or games all last week because of Spring Break, however they did have one yesterday. He is #5 on the Giants in the Berryessa Little League. He looked so cute in his uniform and did so well for not having played on a real team and running bases and all that until this. It was so fun watching him because he was so excited and had so much fun. He has loved playing baseball or even just hitting anything and everything for as long as I can remember so it was exciting that he is finally old enough to start playing on a team!! GO PARKER!!!

Warming Up
 Heading out to the field
 His first position was 3rd Base
 He wasn't about to let anyone step on that base! Don't worry, his coach showed him where to stand instead!!
 His version of "Ready Position"
 Apparently he was done wearing his glove...
 Running the bases...
 This picture cracks me up...he's ready to go!!
 Hangin' out in the dugout
 Newest hat-wearing trend...
 haha I LOVE this picture, it totally looks like he is rapping or something on the field!!