Sunday, March 13, 2011

8 Months

Wow, this month has gone really fast and I am still finding it hard to believe that Tyler is now 8 months old! He is getting bigger and bigger, loving to eat every couple hours and loves watching his big brother play. He hasn't started crawling yet, although he can push himself backwards, but that's about it for now. Eating everything has become a favorite pastime of his and has tried pancakes, waffles, bread, cheerios and several new 2nd step baby foods. This little guy has already learned to steal food off of Parker's plate, as well as try to grab his arm and basically annoy him at all costs (it is quite funny!).

I love getting him up in the morning or after naps and seeing his happy little face and kicking legs as he plays with his little mirror and stuffed cow. He is always so excited to see us! Fortunately he also hasn't gotten any more teeth. His bashful/shy stage is starting to set in also and he will rest his head on our shoulders when meeting someone new. For now this is kinda nice because I consider it cuddling, however I really hope it doesn't become a problem later on down the road!
I can't get over how adorable Tyler looks in his new church clothes!! It's a little bittersweet because he looks so big in this outfit though :(

$8 Tie Guy

Last night when we went to the store to get a few things the $8 Tie Guy was set up in front of the door. As we drove past to find a parking spot I noticed they had some little ties and definitely had to go take a look. Sure enough, they had perfectly sized ties for Tyler and Parker, hence....
How handsome are they??!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mr & Mrs Havig

Now, the reason we were in Arizona to begin with. My sister, Kelsey, got married on February 19 in the Mesa, AZ Temple to Alex Havig. We were there for a whole week which was a blast, but it just went by way too fast!!! We got to go through the temple with her for her first time on Thursday night which was an awesome experience. The Mesa temple is absolutely beautiful and we were grateful to be able to attend with her. On Friday night I spent the night with my other sister Ashley at Kelsey's apartment, which was fun and very nice because that meant I got a night off from Tyler duty and got to sleep through the night (except that we didn't actually get to bed that night until 1:30 am...figures!!lol). It was fun, we started off the evening by getting pedicures with one of Kelsey's friends and my sister Gabrielle, went to In & Out Burger for dinner, talked, finished up her slideshow for the reception, and did some last minute shopping for the reception.

In the morning we got up and got ready for the big day!!
Kels, Me, Ash
Kelsey was surprisingly not nervous at all and was just excited all around! We were all ready about 45 minutes before we even had to be to the temple, which was nice because we could just sit and relax. The weather was absolutely horrible with terrible winds, and sideways rain making it also very cold! Despite that though Kelsey didn't let it ruin her day. The ceremony was done by our Grandpa and was absolutely beautiful! Because of the weather we couldn't do any pictures at the temple, so we all headed to the church where the reception was and did the pictures there. (The lighting in the gym was horrible so our eyes look all crazy and I couldn't fix them!)

My mom and step-dad with the happy couple!
Grandparents (Left: My mom's parents; Right: My dad's parents)
My mom and her 2 sisters and 2 of my cousins
Mom and Kels (I absolutely LOVED her dress!!!!)
Step-dad & Kels
Ash, Me, Kels and Gabby
The Wiser Clan (missing Stephan and Allen)
Step-mom and Dad with Kelsey and Alex
Dad and Kels
Bridesmaids! (Love the dresses, but the shoes were killer and came off right after pictures!!)
Afterwards we went to the luncheon at Tia Rosa's, a delicious Mexican restaurant! It was truly amazing!The reception was a blast! It fit their personalities perfectly with dancing and tons of food and cake and even a couple games! Parker enjoyed running all through the gym and even loved dancing at the very end. It was decorated so cute and everything turned out so well!

I just love this picture of Kels and Tyler!
The boys sure love their Aunt Kelsey!
First Dance
Daddy Daughter Dance
Cutting the very cute cake!
They literally smashed the cake in each other's face...
Garter Toss (Look at their shoes!!)
They played this game where they raise the shoe of who they think is the answer to the question (For example, Who will clean the bathroom? They both raised Kelsey's shoe for that one, I'm pretty sure. There were several other questions that I can't remember, but it was a fun little game!)
Dancing with Parker...he had a blast (and kept a pretty good beat too)!
And there they go!!!
Congrats Alex & Kelsey!!!!


While in Arizona we met up with Chris' sister, brother-in-law and their 4 girls at a fun park. Parker got a cool blue balloon from his cousins and the next day Chris was getting Tyler ready for the day and had given the balloon to him. It looked so cute from down the hall, I just had to get a picture!

7 Months

Tyler turned 7 months old on February 12. He is constantly growing and changing, and this month was no different. He cut 4 teeth within a week and a half and 5th one has just popped...yikes! Talk about a rough time, he really isn't a very good teether and gets really fussy. Thank heaven for Ora-gel!! He is a champ eater and is now eating 3 real meals each day as well as plenty of bottles. He loves the little Graduate Puffs, which has been awesome if he starts to get a little fussy and I don't have a bottle or food with me. He did really well on the car ride to Arizona as well. I was a little nervous and he did have his moments, but overall he was awesome. He also graduated this month from his infant seat into a big boy car seat!! He really seems to enjoy it much better because he is more upright and can see a lot more. I didn't expect to have to buy another one this early since Parker was a year before we bought him a new seat. Just goes to show how much Tyler is growing!
Believe it or not, we actually wore jackets in Arizona! Only in the morning though, by the afternoon it was beautiful and made me just want to move there that much more!


Tuesday, February 15 was a tiring day for consisted of sitting in the car for 8-9 hours on day 2 of our drive to Arizona. When we got to my parent's house we visited for a little bit and then it was time to get him ready for bed. My sister volunteered to feed him and when he was done I looked over and saw this...