Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sneak Preview

Here is a sneak preview of our house we are renting in Texas...or rather the outside of the house!!
The boys have NEVER had this much enclosed space to run and play around in in their LIFE!!! It's awesome. There is even a wrap-around porch where I can sit in lawn chairs and watch them play!
More to come later!!! :)

St. Patty's Day

We didn't really do anything special or fun for St. Patrick's Day. I did get all dressed in green as well as get the boy's dressed in green too! And since I had been craving store-bought cup cakes with the delicious frosting on top, I went and bought some for the holiday too!! They were definitely yummy and the boys thought so too!!!

We can't seem to get him to smile when he says "Cheese"! lol
Tyler was all for the frosting, but was done once he hit the actual cake part of it!
And now it's time to rinse off!

Texas Bound!!

We FINALLY left for Texas on Saturday afternoon of February 25. We found out on Friday morning that we would be leaving in the morning, which meant that we had to get busy and finish packing and cleaning that day. We ended up not leaving until around 4 pm or so the next day, which was fine, there was no huge rush for us to get there, we were just anxious to finally head out. We drove down to Provo where we stayed the night before driving to Colorado to pick up all of our stuff that had been in storage since we were last there in September. From there we drove down to Amarillo and then to Brady, Texas. It took us a total of 3 1/2 days to get there and let me just say it was a LONG few days!! We only drove about 8 hours a day of actual driving time, but averaged about 10 hours a day in the car a lone.

When we got to Brady the cell phone service was terrible, there is not 3G access here and so we could sort of connect to the internet on our phones, it would just take a while to load, and then it was hit and miss with the calling service. It will either go directly to voice mail or we get a busy signal. It has definitely been interesting! Well we stayed in a hotel for about 4 days while we finalized all of our housing for us, one of the other families and for the crew. We were able to FINALLY move all of our stuff into our house that we are renting on March 3. It was so nice to finally able to make a home cooked meal, fast food and eating out was really starting to get old!

So far we are really liking it here. The town we are actually living in is Mason, TX which is about 30 minutes South of Brady, where we thought we were going to stay. It's a pretty small town, with a small grocery store and several gas stations, a few restaurants and a few parks. There is a Walmart in Brady as well as in Fredericksburg (which is about 45 minutes South of Mason). We are part of the Fredericksburg Branch and so we get to drive 45 minutes to church every Sunday (versus the 5 minutes it used to take us!). It's a nice little branch and we are getting used to it. Parker is the ONLY 3 year old so they don't have a Sunbeams class in their primary, he gets to go to class with the 4-5 year olds. He seems to be really liking it and everyone says he is a blast to have in primary!! Tyler is actually doing really well in nursery too! There are about 4-5 other kids in nursery with him and as long as he has his blanket in the same room as him he is good to go :)

The drive to and from Brady and Fredericksburg is really pretty. It's not flat and brown like I was expecting. It's really hilly, green, lots of trees and lots of wild flowers on the sides of the roads- pinks, purples, yellows or oranges. We are excited to see how this summer treats us, except we aren't too excited about the extreme heat that we have been hearing about!! Right now the temperature has been in the 70's So far we have experienced 2 thunder/lightning storms. The first one was HUGE and woke me up in the middle of the night. The lightning was constant, non-stop and really bright. I was freaked out naturally because the entire phone service was completely gone and I couldn't get anything internet wise either so I couldn't check to make sure there weren't any tornado watches/warnings. So basically I was up for a good hour and a half watching the storm and making sure nothing was coming, until finally the service came back and I was able to look at the weather radar and found that we were okay. We have also heard that tornadoes are not very common here and nobody seems to worry about them, which is a HUGE relief!!

Dentist Appointments- February 15, 2012

Luckily with the timing of our move, I was able to get the boys in for their routine dentist appointment before we left for Texas. Parker has been several times already but this was Tyler's FIRST appointment!! They both did AWESOME!!!
This place has probably the BEST kid area for them to play...why don't all pediatricians and doctors offices have stuff like this!! Plus there is a kids movie playing in there too!!
This picture cracks me up! haha This was the first time they did X-Rays of his teeth and he really doesn't look too thrilled about it!
This one looks like he's being tortured!! I wasn't able to get one of her taking the side pictures.
Tyler wondering ever so patiently what is going to become of him! I was pleasantly surprised with how well he did. No crying AT ALL!
Brush-Brush-Brush :)
Parker getting the full treatment this time around...
Watching a movie...Toy Story 3 I think?! The headphones didn't really stay on his head though.
I should consider putting a TV on our ceiling for them to watch when we brush their teeth....Parker is so enthralled and could care less about what's going on around him!
All Done!! Now just waiting for Parker to finish up, while playing with his little duck prize!! Good Job Buddy :)