Thursday, June 26, 2014

First Day at Church - April 13, 2014

Today Kailey went to church for the first time!! Here she is in her first pretty little dress!
 Look how thrilled she is!!

Easter 2014

This was Kailey's FIRST Easter! Ever since we started having kids I would always see the adorable Easter dresses for the little girls and just dream of someday having a girl of my own to be able to dress up...that day is finally here!!! She may have a couple different dresses that I originally had picked out for Easter, only because I would find one, buy it and then later find one that was even more perfect!! This was the third and final pick!
 Parker really loves to play with and hold Kailey!
 I made those ties the boys are wearing!!
The Easter Bunny also came for a little visit!!
Even for Miss Kailey!
Happy Easter

Friday, June 20, 2014

You've Had a Birthday! - April 12, 2014

Chris' birthday was fairly low key this year. We celebrated it on Saturday and Sunday...twice the birthday fun! I got our friend's from church to watch the boys so Chris and I could go out to dinner. We went to Claim Jumper and man was it delicious! I had only been there once a long time ago back in Washington and Chris had never heard of it before so it was a perfect change in our usual restaurant line up of Applebees, Chili's or Red Robin. And then we went to the mall and walked around to look for some clothes or something for Chris...we came out of there with a new cute swim suite for Kailey...and nothing for Chris! Oh well, it was really nice to have a nice meal with out the boys!! On Sunday we did cake and presents with the family, the boys were really excited about this and were asking us ALL day, before, during and after church when it was time for the ice cream cake!
 This picture cracks me up because it totally shows how truly excited they are to eat that cake!
 Showing Dad the card he made!
 It has now come to the point where I can't bring the boys with me anytime presents are involved because they really CAN NOT keep a secret!! Tyler tried to tell Chris at least once what we got him, he succeeded at least one time, even with me telling him to not say anything! Oh well, Chris still acted surprised to receive a new electric razor! 
Happy Birthday Chris!

Golden Gate Bridge - April 6, 2014

Since we had been living here for over a year and had still NEVER been up to San Francisco we decided to take a drive up there and look around. We thought it would be fun to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge so we could check that off our bucket list. It's pretty impressive and the views are amazing!
 Once we got across we drove up to the lookout points...pretty cool!