Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dentist and School!!

On Thursday morning on June 27 they boys finally had their dentist appointment! We have been waiting for this moment for 2 months when I made the appointment because this means that Parker is now officially registered for Kindergarten!!! Still can't believe he is old start school in only 8 short weeks!! He will start out the first couple months with half day kindergarten but at the beginning of November he will start going full day...eeek!! This is the first year his school has done full day, so we'll see how it goes! He is really excited and I just hope he will do okay, I'm sure he will do fine, just a little nervous right now! School starts just a mere 2 DAYS after he turns 5 so he will definitely be one of the young ones, but at least there will probably be some younger than him since the cut off is October.

Okay, back to the dentist...I was a little worried about how it would go since the place we went to serves both kids and adults. In Rexburg they just had flat squishy tables with TV's on the ceilings and headphones for the kids to watch a selection of movies while getting their teeth clean. Tyler was a little nervous at first because the office here had real dentist chairs and he wasn't quite sure he wanted to sit in it, but he was a super star and laid really still with his little sunglasses on and the tech was able to clean his teeth really fast. Turns out though that he didn't inherit my cavity-free teeth and has 3 small cavities starting to form :( The dentist and the tech were both really nice and showed and explained every tool they used and what they were going to do. He even got x-rays and did really well with those too!

Parker was also a champ and got x-rays and was even able to help hold some of the tools while he got his teeth cleaned! No cavities for this big boy and they both got balloons, goody bags and coins to trade in for little prizes! I'd say it was a good trip, especially considering Parker wouldn't even open his mouth at his last appointment in Idaho!! Good job boys :)

Summer Fun Week #2

This past week was pretty busy but also really fun! On Tuesday, June 25, we went to CuriOdyssey up in San Mateo, CA. It's this little museum with several science-type hands on activities for the kids to do as well as a small zoo with some birds, snakes, frogs, bobcat and most fun of all...otters!! They were a riot and loved putting on a show for everyone, we even watched them eat their lunch!! The boys loved it. We met up with several other mom's and their kids from our ward as well as the other ward in Milpitas. There were a lot of us, which just made it that much more fun! Tyler only got lost like 3 times, the first time he got really lost and when I finally found him he was holding a nice lady's hand looking for me with a sad, tear stained face. My heart broke when I saw that face, and he wouldn't let me put him down for a good 5 minutes at least and after that he was a lot better at trying to stay with us. The other two times he was just standing behind bushes or something where I didn't have a great view of him. Let me tell ya, that place was fun but not very open or easy to keep watch over your kids, lots of trees, bushes, flowers, or some other obstruction.

This was the favorite station of the whole place! They played at it forever!
 Watching for the otters...this was pure coincidence that I got Parker smiling! I would tell them to look at the camera which they would but for only like 1 second!!!
 So playful! They did flips off the window, try to climb up the window and just swim all around...pretty cute!
 Watching the otters from a cave window looking under the water with their friend, Joshy.
 Another pure coincidence...he loved that little cave!
 This was inside, he and Parker are helping the balls travel around the track but turning levers, and wheels.
 If you spin the pedals fast enough it starts to play music!! 
 PVC Pipe Building...
 View from inside the building. It was right on the bay looking towards San Francisco! The weather was perfect, not hot at all, it even rained some. We will definitely have to come back and maybe even explore the rest of the park around the museum a little more. There are paths that go along the water and a big play ground also. Pretty fun and long day sure makes for some tired kiddos!!
 On Wednesday we just hung out at the pool for a couple hours, invited a couple friends over and just swam a little. Nothing too major, but pretty much the week is incomplete without some swimming in one form or another!! Thursday saw us at Lake Elizabeth park in Fremont, CA, where they mainly just played in the little creek walking around and throwing know, every little boy's favorite activity!! They played a little bit on the playground, but it was just so hot that they didn't last very long. We met up with some of the other moms in the play group and had lunch also.
Friday was spent grocery shopping, relaxing and going to see Monster's University! It was really cute and the boys loved it too!! And then once again, we headed to Raging Waters on Saturday for a couple hours and then went out to eat at Texas's been too long since we've gone there and boy was it delicious!! 

7 Years!

Monday, June 24 Chris and I celebrated our 7 year anniversary!! Has it really been that long already! Time seems to have flown by...crazy! In the last 7 years we have done quite a bit and have had lots of fun, sad, hard, and great experiences, but wouldn't have changed any of it. We have graduated from college with our Bachelor's Degrees; moved a total of 12 times, this includes different apartments within Rexburg, ID as well as the many times we moved to and from Idaho. We have lived in Florida, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Colorado. We have had three children, and several different jobs! We kept things pretty low key this year and just went out to Chili's for dinner and the boys and I made a delicious new dessert, Oreo Poke Cake, courtesy of Pinterest! Here is to many more adventures and experiences together!! Happy Anniversary!!! Love you so much!!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Raging Waters

This was the first weekend in a long time where we didn't have ANYTHING planned and no commitments to anything, so we wanted to do something FUN!! We decided to head to the water park since it is hot today and the boys have been begging to go to one for awhile now. It was awesome and there is so much to do there...even for the boys, which is great! There are a couple slides that require double tubes and they can ride on that with us, a lazy river, wave pool, huge pirate's cove play structure, another water play structure that's smaller and actually has a slide, lots of other smaller rubbery type slides, and then of course several slides that we couldn't go on because the boys are too small. Good thing we got season passes because now we can go back whenever we want!!! I wish I had gotten a few more pictures, but hey I wanted in on the fun too and the water is just no place for a camera!!
 Because the other slides weren't big enough...these were much more fun!! lol

Summer Fun Week #1

June 18, 2013

Our ward put together a summer fun group with anyone who wanted to participate, and we are also combined with people from the Milpitas, CA ward. Each week from now until the end of August someone planned two different day's worth of activities for anyone who wanted to come. This week was the first week and on Tuesday the activity was to Happy Hollow, which was perfect because we had a season pass which made it pretty much free....except for parking! We met up with three other mom's and we all had a blast getting to know each other and letting the kids ride on the rides and play on the play ground.
Please excuse the crazy frizzy hair that the sun is so nicely lighting up for me!! lol Parker really did have fun, he's just being stubborn here!

June 20, 2013

On Thursday the week's activity was swimming at the planner's neighborhood pool...I didn't get any pictures of that...But as usual they had a blast there as well, I mean who doesn't when there is water involved! Apparently though there wasn't enough water for them to play in because they kept going back to the water spicket and turning it on, and of course the hose wasn't hooked up to it so water would spray everywhere!! 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Closing Ceremonies - June 15, 2013

Yesterday was the Closing Ceremonies for T-Ball and it was combined with the whole league. Parker has been so excited to get his trophy, he's been asking when he will get it all week long! I thought it was going to be a huge long ordeal with the whole league being there, but it was short and sweet...just PERFECT!
 First one up...
 Only natural to give kids a Popsicle at 9 AM!! He asked for an Otterpop for breakfast and we said no, guess he got his wish afterall!
 So proud of our littler t-baller!!

Last Game - June 1 & 8, 2013

Parker finished up T-Ball with his last game of the season on June 8! While he had a blast, I'm glad that it's over for awhile. He has had a game every Saturday for the last couple months, so it's nice to finally have our Saturday's free...until next year that is! We are so proud with how well he did, he really picked up the game quickly. His favorite positions were pitcher and catcher and he did really well at both! The pictures are from the last couple games...

Tyler is ready to start playing...too bad he still has a couple more years!
 Rockin' the shades!!
 Last team cheer of the season!
 Parker is hiding behind the blue baseball glove...

Alphabet Fishing - May 31, 2013

Today we decided to go fishing!! Only we fished for letters instead of fish!