Sunday, May 25, 2008

Shopping Day!

Well yesterday we finally did a little shopping for the baby! Chris and I got a few things for ourselves too, but the baby's stuff was more fun to shop for!! We first went to JC Penney and they were having a sale for buy 1 get one for $0.99 so we bought a couple outfits and a couple packs of basic white onsies (those were buy 1 get one half off). We had kind of a hard time choosing which outfits to buy cause there were a bunch of cute ones. After JC Penney we walked around to a couple other stores and got something to eat, it was pretty fun. It was crazy though cause while we were in the mall we had this huge crazy storm. We could hear the thunder and the rain pounding on the roof over the music in the stores. It was insane. When we left the mall there was this huge "flood" in the parking lot towards the middle of the isles. I'm pretty sure the drain wasn't working, that's if there even was one! But there were all these cars that were parked right in the middle of it. One car was a Cadillac that was basically in one of the deepest parts and the water was above the bottom of the doors! I couldn't believe it!

Anyways, after we left the mall we went to Toys R' Us to look at the baby stuff and strollers. We actually found one we really liked and we ended up getting it!! It was cheaper than the one I registered for at Baby's R' Us and a lot cuter! We even got an extra carseat base for the other car and picked up a couple things of wipes. I know very exciting stuff! lol Now we just have a few other main big purchases to make and we should be set!! I can't believe that I have only 10-13 weeks left until our boy is born!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Attack of the Blinds....

Okay so I'm pretty sure I jinxed something earlier today by saying that Summer was finally here...A couple hours ago we got this HUGE storm, that really only lasted like maybe 30 minutes, but the wind was the strongest I'd ever seen while living here and it felt kind of like we were in the middle of a hurricane! We had our living room and bedroom windows open to let the breeze in but then out of no where the blinds started flying up towards the ceiling and going crazy. I thought they were going to break, so I went over to the living room window to close it, because it was also starting to rain, but the string to pull them up was behind the slats and I couldn't move fast enough to get them out before the blinds flew up and smacked me right in the face!!! That's right, one of the slats even cut me a little bit on the nose!! lol Well I finally got that window under control and went to close our bedroom window only to find that the screen blew out and was laying on the ground! So after shutting that window with more success than the first one, I had to go outside and behind our building to pick up the screen. Man what a night! All is well though, none of the blinds broke, so we should be good! The storm was actually kinda fun and at least it didn't snow. It's still pretty warm outside too, which is nice. Good old Idaho weather, you just never know what it will bring!!

Finally Summer?!

Well I think that Summer has finally arrived here in good ol' Rexburg, Idaho!! It has been in the upper 80's the past couple days, which isn't too hot, but when you're walking around campus in long pants it can get pretty warm. At least it cools down very nicely at night which helps keep our apartment fairly cool during the day. It's nice to have the windows open and let the nice breeze come through...I almost forgot what that was like!!

Sorry, not much else to report. Nothing too incredibly exciting has happened with us lately, we're just working and going to school.

Friday, May 9, 2008

New Computer

So we finally got our new computer yesterday!!! I'm pretty excited, and now we are trying to figure out how to work it. lol See, we have been using a Mac Laptop for the past couple years, and so we have to get used to the whole Window's Vista and Office 2007 programs and whatnot, it's been great. And last night I spent like at least an hour trying to connect to the internet and it wouldn't work. Finally I hooked the internet back up to the other computer and noticed that our Internet was down!! All that time wasted, for nothin! Oh well, I'm starting to get the hang of this computer now and I'm really starting to like it.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Baby's 2nd Photos!

Well we just got our new scanner today, so here are the most recent photos of our little boy!

This picture is showing off how flexible he is already by having his legs up by his head!

Now he is giving us a cute little smile!! Isn't he cute already?!