Monday, February 28, 2011

Blogging Hiatus

Holy cow it's been forever since I have blogged!! I blame part of that on Chris taking the computer for 3 weeks to Oklahoma, leaving me with nothing!! And then the rest of the time I have just been either too busy or too lazy to catch up on everything that has happened in the last month and a half.

Alright, where to start...

January 17-February 3:
While Chris was gone I bought Parker a Cars puzzle at the dollar store, turns out he loved it and wanted to do it everyday! Our ward had a Family Game Night where we just had a bunch of board/card games and had finger foods to snack on. The Relief Society was in charge of planning this activity and since I'm on that committee I was in charge of creating a bean-bag toss game for the younger kids to play. It turned out to be a really fun night and Parker had a blast running about with the other kids while I was able to play a fun card game with several other people, which I wasn't very good at!! Afterwards, I ended up keeping the bean bag toss box for a little while because Parker loved playing in it.
Tyler was having fun in his exersaucer while Parker played in the box!
Tyler has been making these really funny faces lately that make us laugh so hard, and I was able to capture them on camera!! Quite hilarious...
Parker's new thing, since he knows he's not supposed to push Tyler over, is he now will sit behind him and give him a "hug", but then leans back on the floor, pulling Tyler back with him. And then Parker get's up leaving poor Tyler lying down! This was right before he did that...
Chris was supposed to come home on February 2nd in the morning, however a crazy snow/ice storm decided to blow through the night before, leaving him stranded until Thursday!! However, he did make it safely and we were excited to see him!

February 7:
Parker kept wanting to put the empty Eggo Waffle box on his head, so Chris cut a hole in it so he could see. Being the nice big brother he is, he wanted Tyler to have a turn wearing it, which was pretty cute!
The beginnings of the crawling stage...maybe?? As I'm writing this Tyler still hasn't started crawling, however I feel it's just around the corner. He can push himself up better than the pictures depict and will push backwards a little. He also doesn't mind being on his tummy for longer periods of time.
Taking a little rest...he will do this every couple minutes or so, to rest his arms, I guess!
February 10:
I went in to get Tyler up from his first nap and I saw this...
It was too funny and when I walked in he heard me so all at once his feet start kicking up a storm, while his face was still covered!

February 11:
Bubbles!!!! Tyler had never seen bubbles before and was quite fascinated by them.
There's that face again! haha
February 14:
Valentine's Day! We spent the day driving down to Arizona, which we did in two days. So I let Parker open his gift/card before we left. It was simple this year and he just got some Reece's. Chris got me some yummy chocolates and I did the same for Chris. We celebrated the week before which was fun too!