Monday, May 19, 2014

Grandpa Wiser Comes for a Visit!! - April 6, 2014

My dad had to come into town for some business stuff and he came to see us for a few hours!! It was great to see him for a while and the boys had a blast!! 
 Tyler's expression just cracks me up!! haha

Golden Gate Bridge - April 6, 2014

After General Conference we decided to take a drive up to San Francisco and just see what was up there. Even though we have lived here for over a year we still hadn't had a chance to go up there! We drove through the city and then drove across the Golden Gate Bridge. It's simply incredible how big that bridge is!! The view was also pretty amazing!

1 Month Old - April 5, 2014

Wow, a month old already?! I have a feeling time is just going to fly by...not sure how I feel about that! She is so far my best sleeper, especially at this age, at anywhere from 4-7 hours each night! Her neck muscles are getting stronger each and every day and she is getting better at holding her head up by herself, although she was doing really pretty well with that since the day she was born! She has been smiling a lot at all of us, and it's just so cute. And she is also a champ when it comes to eating! She loves bath time, so far as long as the water isn't too cold!

Weight: 9 lbs - 50%
Length: 20 1/2 inches - 25%
Head: 14 1/2 inches - 75%
 Her brothers LOVE trying to play with her and getting her to smile! They are doing so well with her and are really big helpers when I need them to be. It's really cute to watch them. Parker will start rocking her if she is getting fussy and both of them will try to put her binky in her mouth too. 
 She is lucky to call these two her brothers, as crazy as they may be sometimes!

Spring Sing - March 20, 2014

Parker's whole kindergarten class had their first little concert. They all sang several songs about Spring, all of which I have never heard before! They were all so cute and Parker did a great job!!

First Bath - March 16, 2014

 She really didn't seem to mind her bath!!

T-Ball 2014

Parker started T-ball again this year!! He has been doing so well and just has so much fun with it! The name of his team this year is Rockhounds!

First Practice- March 13, 2014
 This little dude can play t-ball next year!! 
 Little League Opening Ceremonies - March 15, 2014
 They had several inflatable jumpers there for the younger kids to play on, which the boys loved! 
 And this was what little miss Kailey was doing the whole time!

First Game - March 22, 2014
Game - March 29, 2014
2014 Team Picture

First Photo Shoot

So in the hospital they have a photographer that comes and takes photos of the babies if you want and then you can purchase the pictures, also if you want. We decided to get the digital copies of them and they turned out so cute!

But then since Kelsey was here with her super nice camera, of course we had to have a little fun of our own!!

Coming Home :) - March 7, 2014

We were FINALLY able to come home on Friday afternoon! We would have been able to go home on Thursday but Kaylie was having some minor issues that the pediatrician wanted to monitor for one more day. She had swallowed some mucus when she was born that was causing her to gag and choke, when laying flat, so bad that one time her lips actually started turning blue!! We talked to the doctor about it and she said that we could wait for it to pass or they could actually clean out her stomach with a tiny suction tube thing. We opted for that and they actually got a ton of mucus out. After that she was doing a lot better and would actually sleep for a little bit longer periods since she could sleep flat again. Anyways, we were all happy to finally be cleared to go!!


Ms. Kailey Lynn Bell 
March 5, 2014
3:28 am
6 lb 12.6 oz
19 inches long
Chris and I headed up to the hospital around 8pm on March 4 to get ready to be induced. By the time I was all hooked up to the IV it was about 10pm which was also around the time they put the cervidil in to soften things up a bit more. I was already dilated to a 2 but they wanted me at a 3 or 4 before they gave me pitocin and really got things going. Well little did they know that my body is super sensitive to the cervidil and within an hour to an hour and a half my contractions were in full swing, I was shaking so badly because of the intensity of them that it made it a little more difficult for me to get my epidural because I kept tensing up and wasn't staying "relaxed"! Well I am sorry but it's pretty hard to stay relaxed long enough for a huge needle to be inserted into your back when the contractions aren't really stopping!! Finally they got it in and we were good to go. The nurses decided to also take the cervidil out (it's technically supposed to stay in for about 12 hours) and see if the combo of my epidural and taking that out would slow my contractions down....NOPE! They just kept on comin'! They put me on oxygen and I was able to get an hour or two of rest. Then around 2:45-3:00 am my left leg felt weird and the epidural seemed extra strong in that leg, despite laying on my right side, which immediately got me all nervous that it was starting to wear off like it did with Owen. (Luckily it didn't!) I called the nurses in to tell them that I was getting too warm and that I was starting to feel something. So they checked and I actually had some bloody show so they checked me and I was like at a 9 or something and was ready to start prepping for delivery. Like a minute later my doctor showed up and checked me again to make sure I was ready, which I was, and she said that my water still hadn't broken but was right there. She told me she was going to get herself ready in all her scrubs and whatnot and come back and break my water. Well, that didn't happen because the second she stepped out of the room my water broke in full force and I immediately started feeling pressure! They all finished getting ready and told me to push and out she flew, seriously that's what it felt like! It took her a few seconds to start crying and I started to get a little nervous but when I finally heard that sound it was amazing! Feelings just rushed inside me and I just couldn't believe she had finally joined our family. After what happened with Owen I was considered high risk and when I hit 30 weeks I went in to the doctor's office twice a week to do the non stress tests so they could monitor how things were going. And the relief that I felt when Kailey was born was just overwhelming. Once she was cleaned up a little they gave her to me to do skin to skin contact for her first hour of life. I have definitely forgotten how tiny they are, and she was my smallest yet! 

I was in labor for a total of 5 hours, and even though I told my doctor and all the nurses that I move really fast, they didn't quite believe me!! I never even got the pitocin! My doctor was definitely amazed at how fast it really went!! 

Proud Daddy!
 My sister came in a couple hours before we left for the hospital to help watch the boys, they came up in the morning to see us!
 Kailey got the boys stomp rockets to play with...wasn't that so nice of her?! 
 My niece "holding" her cousin for the first time! Precious...
 Just chillin...Delaynie thought that chair was the most awesome thing in the whole room! She was jumping and climbing all over that thing and laughing and smiling the whole time! 
 My mom came down the day after Kailey was born to help out!
 First family photo! Classic Parker...