Friday, August 28, 2009

Lead Screening

Today I took Parker up to the Hospital Lab to get his Lead Screening and CBC (Complete Blood Count). Wow, I had absolutely NO idea what this whole thing involved!! I thought they would just prick his foot and get a little blood. Boy was I WRONG!! They did need blood but they actually drew it like they would draw blood on adults...through his little arm! And guess who had to hold him and his arm completely still and straight? That's right...ME! Whey the nurse first tried to put the tourniquet on his arm it snapped and scared him a little and he started crying. So she put it on again and then stuck the needle in his arm...HOWEVER she didn't hit the vain and started digging around in his arm!! I felt soo bad for the little guy because I know exactly how that feels, it's been done to me (I may have teared up a little too). He was so brave though and stopped crying shortly after they finished and put the band aid on. He even got an otter pop when we got home :) GOOD JOB PARKER!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1-Year Old

Parker you had your 1-year check up today and did very well. You weigh 18 lbs 13 oz (4%- about 2 pounds bigger than your 9-month check up) and you are 28 3/4" tall (19%- about 1 inch taller). You had 6 shots (3 in each leg) today as well and you were very, very brave and only cried for a couple minutes or so!! I can't believe how fast you are growing Parker, you are learning many new things each day. Some of the things you enjoy doing are playing with your toys, opening and closing drawers and doors, playing with Daddy when he gets home from work, pushing chairs around the room and going on outings. You started walking on August 8 and have gotten a lot better in the past couple weeks, still not completely walking but doing it more and more! We LOVE you so much!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's Birthday Time for You!!

Today is Parker's 1st birthday and my 23rd birthday!! It's hard to believe that Parker is already 1 years just doesn't seem possible! He is growing so fast and constantly changing. We celebrated our birthday with most of our family on Saturday, August 15 at Porter Park. It was supposed to be water party at the splash park, however the weather just didn't cooperate. It was pretty cold and windy...typical Rexburg weather. We also had to go to the opposite side of the park because another group was using the pavilion for a party but we had fun and had lots of really good food too!

The Presents...

He got some really fun toys as well as lots of clothes, which he really needed...
Parker loves that ball he's holding...when you bounce it, it lights up!! It's pretty cool!

The Cake...

The main cake...completely homemade! (It was really good too)
Parker's little fishy cake...also homemade! (Sorry about the wasn't sideways before!)
Right after we finished singing "Happy Birthday" a huge gust of wind blew through and took out a few cupcakes and almost took out Parker's cake, so we quickly packed up and went to our apartment for the cake part. It took him a few minutes to get used to the cake idea, but then decided he really liked it!

Red Robin...

Tonight we went out and celebrated again by going to Red Robin for dinner. I used to go there every year for my birthday before I was married, so now that we finally have one in Idaho Falls, I thought it would be fun to go. Both Parker and I got sung to and were given balloons and an ice cream sundae.

The waiters/waitresses gave us each "Balloon Ears" to wear while they were singing to us...Parker wasn't sure about them at first, but then didn't really care.
Parker and Mom


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Little Leather Jacket

At Target yesterday, Chris found this really cute leather jacket for Parker. It was too cute and I just happened to have my camera on me.

Lava Hot Springs

On Friday Parker and I went to Lava Hot Springs with my mom, step-dad, aunt, and cousins. I had never been there before and it was really fun! Parker even seemed to enjoy the water. He liked playing with his floaty thing more than sitting in it. I ended up getting burned on my back, and shoulders, but Parker didn't get burned at all...thankfully!

Uncle Connor, Mom and Parker
Parker wanted to blow up the intertube!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Camping We Will Go...

This past weekend was Chris' family reunion at Green Canyon Hot Springs. We camped from Friday to Saturday and were able to go swimming on Saturday afternoon. It was really fun and a weekend of firsts for Parker. It was his first camping trip as well as his first time swimming! He actually did really well considering it was a little cold and he didn't sleep in his crib. He liked to walk all around the chairs and playing with his aunt and uncles and grandparents. We had a slide show on Friday night of pictures of Chris' grandparents and their kids when they were little. It was pretty fun and Parker fell asleep during that. Parker slept in between Chris and I and slept okay I guess, he woke up about 6 times but not for very long and I think he stayed the warmest out of all three of us!!

On Saturday we just hung out, Chris and his brothers played frisbee, listened to fun memories from each of Chris' aunts and uncle and his dad and then we went swimming to finish off the day. The pool was so warm, just like a bath. Parker had a great time splashing and playing. Looks like we have a baby that loves the water! :) Later that night we all (Parker stayed home with one of Chris' brothers) went to the International Dance and Music Festival and it was really good. All in all it was a fun eventful weekend!

Parker apparently didn't want to have his picture taken, I thought his expression was soo funny!
Parker and Mom
Anyone want to play frisbee with me??
He had like 3 layers on the top and 2 layers on the was a little chilly!!
This floaty thing was awesome and Parker loved it!
Parker and Dad

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sick Kiddo

Last night Parker would absolutely NOT go to bed. We thought that maybe he just wasn't tired or something, even though he didn't get his second nap because we were at church. He would cry everytime we put him in his crib, which is just not him. So we would bring him out and he would play a little and then get fussy, so we tried to put him back to bed, and that was a no-go. Finally around 10:30 or 11 pm he started falling asleep in our bed so Chris was able to put him in his bed. Around 1 am or so he woke up crying so Chris changed him, put his sleeper on (it was still warm in his room when we put him down) and gave him a bottle. He then slept the rest of the night...until about 6:30 this morning. That is when I realized exactly what Parker's problem was last night...he wasn't feeling well AT ALL!!

We had enchiladas last night for dinner and they didn't exactly agree with Parker's was ALL over his pillow, sheets, blanket, bumper, sleeper, and in his hair!! (And for the record, Parker has eaten enchiladas before and been we know he's not allergic to them or anything.) We aren't sure when he did it, but felt bad that he was sleeping in it (it actually soaked through his whole pillow so we just threw it away). It was pretty gross and he got a bath right away. I still don't think he is feeling well this morning because right before we put him in the bath he threw up his whole bottle and then has just been sitting on the couch with me all morning watching TV. He then just fell asleep. Poor little guy, I feel so bad for him. This is the first time he's been sick like this. And not only is Parker sick...BUT Chris is sick as well!! This is going to be an interesting day...
Watching Playhouse Disney
So peaceful...hopefully he will feel better! :(