Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tyler's Big Owie :( September 9, 2012

The last place we would ever have thought Tyler would have gotten seriously hurt is at church. Well, don't be fooled, turns out church can be brutal! So primary and nursery went just fine (we have those first) and then we go to sacrament meeting and get all situated and then we start singing the opening song. Tyler really likes to sing and so he was sitting in between Chris and I holding a hymn book and "singing" quite loudly. He then decided he was finished and went to put his book back in the hymn book holder, while trying to stay seated on the bench. Well his and Parker's papers from primary and nursery were sitting in there and were flopped over the side and when Tyler reached to put his book back he couldn't quite reach it and the book slipped on the papers and down went his head right on the edge of the book holder. We immediately picked him up and a second later saw blood coming out between Tyler's fingers (he was holding his head).

Chris ran out with him and went to the family bathroom right next to the foyer and started cleaning him up. I grabbed our stuff and Parker and I went to find them. When I walked into the bathroom Tyler had blood all over his face, in his ear, all over his shirt and had this huge HUGE gash above his right eyebrow (just a little above the scar he has from a couple months ago!). We finished cleaning most of the blood off his face and was able to get the bleeding pretty much under control and we booked it out of there and went straight to Community Care.

As we are almost there we realize that neither of us has our wallet with our insurance cards so I dropped Chris and Tyler off, helped fill out some paperwork so Tyler could get looked at while I went back home to get our insurance cards. Thank heavens blood doesn't really bother Chris, because I just can't handle that, especially when it's one of my kids and they are screaming in pain...I just become a mess!

By the time I got back to Community Care we only had to wait for a few minutes and they were done. Chris told me what they had to do to the poor little guy! He set Tyler down on the table and he immediately started screaming, then they had to put him in a straight jacket thing to keep his arms and legs still while they numbed it, with a needle inside the wound. They put a paper cover thing over his face with a hole just over the eye where his wound was and the nurse had to hold his head while the doctor gave him 5 stitches!!! He was not a happy camper, and I don't blame him. He came out with a band aid and holding a succor and said "I got a succor!! All better, I got band aid!" So cute and such a tough little guy!!
He then preceded to fall on the sidewalk the following day and hit his stitches, scratched his forehead right above his band aid and scraped his cheek and nose right under his band aid. Looks like he will be our injury boy!! He is doing well now, he got the stitches out the following Sunday and it's pretty much all healed now! He also remembers what happened and now just throws the hymn books to see if they will magically make it into the holder...

Cousin Time :) August 31, 2012

Jeff and Maria invited us over to watch BSU's first football game and to celebrate Kaydon's 2nd birthday. So we took our little pool over for the boys to play in for awhile...they LOVED it!! It was so fun watching them play so well together :)
(The pictures were all taken with my phone, so they didn't turn out as well as I would have liked...need to get our camera fixed!!!)
 This is my absolute favorite picture of Tyler and Kaydon...they are so cute!!
 Deep in

Rexburg Splash Park - August 27, 2012

A couple days after we got back to Rexburg Chris had the day off so we decided to take the boys to the splash park at Porter Park. We went a little later in the evening after dinner and maybe we should have gone earlier in the day because the water was freezing!!! lol I know, we are total wimps, but you would be too if you had lived in Texas during the summer and had gotten used to it!! lol It took the boys a few minutes to finally get in the water, and even when they did, they didn't last too long. haha

**Prepare for a picture overload!!**
 Trying to work up the courage to go down the slides...there was water spraying all over the platform to get to the slides and he wasn't sure he wanted to go, mainly because it was cold water!
 Didn't mind splashing though!! 
 Finally got the courage to go down the slide!!!
And now he's cold! haha
 He was trying to be
 And apparently Ty was thirsty!
 Love it! :)

Sponge Painting

Back a few weeks before we left Texas I decided to let the boys do some painting. They had done finger painting several times before so I thought I'd mix it up a bit and try sponge painting. I got a pack of cheap sponges and attempted to cut them into different shapes.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Happy, Happy Birthday!! - August 18, 2012

Originally we had wanted to do a small party with the other family who was in Texas with us, however they went back home at the beginning of the week and with us also trying to pack up and be out the beginning of the following week we ended up packing & cleaning the entire day! Fun, I know!! However it has been a tradition ever since I can remember to go out to dinner for my birthday, so I WOULD NOT let that one slide!! I mean we have to do SOMETHING fun on mine and Parker's birthday! So around 4 pm we left for San Antonio to go to Red Robin for dinner...YES, we drove 2 hours just to go eat dinner!! We just love that place and that's where I wanted to go!! It was delicious and totally worth the 2 hour drive in my opinion, plus we did a couple other errands while we were there.

The Birthday Boy & Girl:

Can he really be 4 years old already??! He is growing up so fast :(
I just love this picture! Parker's face just cracks me up and really captures his personality! haha
 Tyler & Chris...I have NO idea what happened to his face! Parker said he scratched him and Tyler said the fan scratched him...Who knows! haha
 We took the gifts with us...
 He was super excited about this gift! lol They got better, this was only the first one! He also got money from family, dry-erase dot to do and number writing books, dry erase washable markers, and an Inno Tab (like a kid's version of an i-pad or tablet or something. It has games, books, color/painting, music, videos and more, plus you can download learning games and books and stuff. We thought it would be perfect for him for the 3-day drive back to Idaho!! He also got a new bike, with the birthday money he got! All in all, a good birthday for him!!)

Happy Birthday Parker and Lindsay :)

Texas House

I know this post is a little late, well really late since we are now back in Rexburg!! Oh well, my family wanted to see pictures of the house we stayed in while in Texas, so here they are!

Downstairs Bedroom...aka Play Room!

The biggest, single-pane windows I've ever seen in a house! And we may have had to replace not 1, but 2 of the panes of glass while we lived there...for 5 months! All I can say is boys will be boys!!

 Family Room:

The downstairs had 10 foot ceilings! The space under the stairs is where the water heater and furnace and air conditioning unit is.
 The TRUE front door!! Isn't it huge?!! Apparently they call it a funeral door, sure came in handy when moving the big furniture in!

 Dining Room:

(Those curtains were already up when we moved in...)
 View from the play room:


All these pictures were taken with my phone on the day we moved out. This is the half of the kitchen that got soaked in the flooding incident when we first moved in!! (Parker decided to spray the kitchen with the sink hose and left about 1/4" of water on the floor!)
View of whole kitchen, from the dining room...

Downstairs Bathroom:

 Claw-foot tub, on a dolly with wheels!! lol Yes, it's true and I may have been afraid to use it for fear that it would move, but it didn't! We still only used it to give the boys their baths. 
 The door opens into the play room.

 "Front" Door:

(It's not really at the front of the house, but it's the only door we used since it's the one closest to the car!)
 View from Dining Room:

 Laundry Room:

(Front door is on the left)
 The front door is on my right, the laundry room is on my left.

 View from Front Door:

 View from Stairs:

 Parker's Room:

(He only had this bed for about a week or so because since it was a rented bed (originally for Chris' brother who left to another job) one of the other crew member's needed it, so we bought him a toddler bed instead.)
 Like our curtains??! Really wish there were actual blinds on the windows!

Tyler's Room:

 Small closet on the left, used for storage! The only thing we had to use for curtains...ugly, I know! haha
 The ONLY closets in the whole house!! 

 Master Bedroom/Loft:

All these pictures were taken with my phone right before we moved out. View from the top of the stairs...
 Door to Parker's room...
 Door to Tyler's room...
 Door to outside balcony (which we couldn't use because the owner is repairing it), the bathroom is just around the corner of the cabinet...
 View of whole room...

Upstairs Bathroom:

These pictures also were taken with my phone on the day we moved out...Kept forgetting to take them earlier!
 The bottom of the shower is yellow because the owner had re-finished or painted or whatever you do to a shower but didn't do it with the same color as the rest of the shower!