Friday, November 7, 2014

Volcano Time

I had seen this cool idea on Pinterest and decided yesterday to actually do one of the activities I had pinned!! Mini volcanoes!! Tyler LOVED it and poured different colors in over and over again. Such a simple activity with so much enjoyment! Now we just need to show Parker!! 
 I added liquid watercolors and a little dish soap to the vinegar to make it more bubbly...

8 Months Old

Kailey turned 8 months old on November 5th! I can't believe that she is only 4 months away from turning 1...WHAT?! She is such a little joy and we just love her so much. She has 2 words under her belt already, "uh-oh" and "dada". It's so fun hearing her little voice say those words, even though she chose dada before mama!!! She has been eating more finger foods lately. Her favorites are definitely the little puffs and she practically has a heart attack every time I go to pour some out on her tray! She also loves to eat green beans, corn and rice! As far as baby food goes though, she is my pickiest eater yet!! She basically likes her rice/oatmeal cereals and will eat basically all of her veggies. However, when it comes to fruit, that's a WHOLE different story! She is not a huge fan of anything really that has a sweeter taste to it. She will eat maybe half of the container at a time. She is starting to come around to peaches and pears, but that's about it. When she gets a taste of the dreaded flavors of fruits or even the other meal combo ones she has definitely gotten the shutter/shiver thing and disgusted facial expressions down!! haha It's pretty funny!  Her sleeping habits are pretty good as well, she will take 3-4 naps during the day and lately has only been waking up once at night. Some nights she will still wake up maybe 2 times, but for the most part, she has gotten pretty good at sleeping.

She is not a huge roller yet, although last weekend she did roll from her back to her stomach and vice versa a couple times. And she can scoot herself backwards when she's on her stomach and has gotten pretty good at spinning around when she is on her back. She will be mobile in no time now!! We do a lot of face time with daddy, and she LOVES it!! Technology is so nice these days to still be able to see someone so easily on the phone when they are so far away! Parker and Tyler are pretty entertaining to her most of the time and she loves to watch them. Bath time is also a fun event for her. Her legs start kicking before she is even in the tub when I turn the water on! She definitely gets excited to be in the water...takes after her momma!

She is overall just a really happy baby and it's so fun to watch her grow and learn new things! We love you Kailey!!

Halloween 2014

Okay, so I'm now so far behind with everything that I give up and am just going to skip to now! haha (Now prepare for a picture overload!!)

So our Halloween festivities were pretty fun this year! It all started with our church trunk or treat the weekend before Halloween. I thought I was going to have to take the boys myself, with my sister and her daughter, but Chris surprised me and flew home on Friday night!!! (Since I didn't do an update about that, we moved to Arizona in August while Chris continues to work in California. He generally flies home every other weekend so I was expecting him home on Halloween weekend!)

Anyways, the trunk or treat was really fun and super organized, I was a little surprised! lol Everything was outside in the parking lot, the games, dinner, hay ride, photo booth and trunk or treat. They did hot dogs and nachos for dinner and then as far as games go there were your typical cake walk, ring toss onto pop cans and bean bag tosses. There was also a really cute photo set up where someone was taking family pictures. It was really cool and I can't wait to see how ours turned out!

I really loved this picture of all the kids! 
 My niece made an adorable Tinker Bell and Kailey was our very own live Raggedy Ann doll, whose costume I made myself!! 
 Trying to win one of the several cup cakes...
 Kailey was getting too hot in her wig, but she is still adorable!
On Monday, October 27 we went with my family to Mother Nature Farms to pick out a pumpkin and spend time together! My sister, brother in law, niece and us went earlier than the rest of the family to let the kids see and do the other activities at the farm. There were a couple bounce houses, hay maze, and feeding the goats.
 I absolutely LOVE this picture of my niece!! She sure had fun in that bouncy house!
We went right after school so the kids had the bounce house to themselves!
 Uncle Alex helping Tyler feed the goats. He got brave and decided to try to feed them! Parker, was more comfortable as a bystander!
 They each got to pick out a pumpkin to take home too. Normally they would have been able to pain them, but they had run out of decorating materials.
 Cute Cousins!
 Kailey actually let my dad hold her!! (She is not big on letting other people hold her, except for my sister Gabby since she looks a lot like me!)
 She wasn't too thrilled about sitting there, that hay is poky!!
 Not really what those were intended for, but they sure had fun pulling each other around!
 I loved this picture too much not to share! haha She really wasn't too keen on sitting there with those pumpkins...even AFTER I put pants on her! lol
 She sure loved the tractor though!
 Group Shot!
On Halloween morning Chris flew home so he was able to spend the whole day with us!! That evening we all went over to my parent's house for a yummy chili dinner and then went trick or treating and just hung out having a good time with each other...complete with delicious apple crisp and ice cream! The boys got more than enough candy and they only went around a couple blocks of my parent's neighborhood!
 This picture was too funny and cute, I just had to share! Parker's eyes make me laugh! 
 Captain America to the rescue!!
It was a great couple of weeks!! Happy Halloween :)