Saturday, June 26, 2010

My Little Baby

Yesterday we got out the baby bouncer and swing and set them up. We had barely gotten the bouncer put together before Parker made his way into it.
After Chris got the swing up Parker immediately wanted to get into it but we told him that he was too big and that he needed to stay out. However, a few minutes later we look over and Parker is rocking back and forth inside the swing! We had no idea he had actually gotten in there, he was very sneaky!! It was too funny to pass up a couple pictures and a short video.
Needless to say, we have folded the swing back up so he doesn't try to get in it again!

1st Dentist Appointment

Parker had his very first dentist appointment on June 21, 2010. We went to Madison Pediatric Dentistry, with Dr. Mauseth, here in Rexburg. I was a little nervous about how it would go since he is still pretty young, but we were really impressed with them. They have little TV's hanging on the ceiling so the kids can lay there and watch a movie while getting their teeth cleaned, which was pretty cool. All they did was brush his teeth, look to see how many he had and make sure they looked okay as well as brush some flouride onto them. Parker did really well, sure he cried a little, but overall wasn't too bad. The dentist said his teeth look awesome and that his mouth is set up perfectly for the rest of his teeth!
Now this is what I like to see in a kid's doctors/dentists office, toys for them to play with! This was definitely the best stocked waiting room with toys and kids movies...Parker loved it!

Tautphaus Park Zoo

Last weekend we had free zoo tickets so we took Parker to the Zoo in Idaho Falls. We had never been to it and thought Parker might enjoy it. I still think he's just a little too young to really enjoy all the animals because he basically just wanted to run all over and didn't really care about the animals.
Parker enjoyed the little children's portion of the zoo because he was able to climb on stuff and pet the animals
Parker, meet Baby Goat; Baby Goat, meet Parker
Time for a drink from the lion's mouth!

Porter Park

Chris got home from Kansas on Sunday night on June 13 and was able to spend the day with Parker and I all day Monday. It was very nice having him home and being able to hang out together as a family. In 3 weeks Parker and I had only seen Chris for about 2 days!! We did a little more unpacking and then went and got a Little Cesar's Pizza with bread sticks and took it to Porter Park to eat. After lunch Parker and Chris played for a while on the slides and play equipment. Parker then noticed the splash park was up and running and insisted on checking it out. At first Chris and Parker were just going to walk around it, since they weren't dressed for swimming, however they soon found themselves soaked!! We decided to head home and change and then come back to play in the water. When we got back, Parker wasn't as enthused about playing in the water as he was before we left, however, he noticed the fun Merry-Go-Round and wanted to go for a ride. Chris took him on it and he LOVED it! Afterwards we got ourselves a snow cone and enjoyed being outside in the nice weather. It was a very nice, relaxing day spent together!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day

Our Memorial Day was pretty uneventful this year due to traveling back from Kansas to Idaho. In the morning we headed down to visit my grandparents who got permission to leave their mission for the weekend to take care of some personal things and we also visited my aunt and uncle and cousins for a little bit. Before we left Idaho Falls, we hit up Walmart for a few things/groceries that we knew we needed and then headed back to Rexburg. Once we got back the unpacking of the moving van began, which was done in about 20 minutes it seemed like due to all the wonderful neighbors who chipped in and helped!! I didn't even know anyone else was helping except for Chris' brother until all these guys I didn't know started entering the apartment with our stuff, it was awesome!! Everyone has been really nice. Chris and his brothers and dad then went and got stuff out of storage that we needed and then unloaded that. Once everything had been unloaded we arranged a few of the bigger things and then headed over to Jeffrey & Maria's apartment (Chris' brother & wife) and had a "pretend" BBQ, since the weather wasn't really cooperating for a real BBQ. We ate, hung out and played Wii and relaxed a little. It was a very LONG day, that really went too fast!