Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Halloween 2012

Halloween this year was Dr. Seuss inspired with the boys being Thing 1 and Thing 2!! I had found the idea on Pinterest and LOVED the costumes so I decided to make some for the boys because buying them each a costume was just too expensive! I bought them sweats and long sleeve shirts at Target, bought white iron-on interfacing and black sticky felt. To get the letters I downloaded a Dr. Seuss font that I liked and enlarged the words to the size I wanted. Then I made the wigs by hot-gluing blue boas to beanie hats! Then I just bought red gloves and cheap red socks to cover their shoes so they were all red!! It was such an easy costume to make and keep them warm, however we totally lucked out with the weather and instead of having to bundle up with tons of layers and coats, they were actually getting too warm and kept trying to take the wigs and gloves off! Anyways, they had a total blast going and getting candy and could have kept going all night!

On October 26, I took the boys over to World's Gym here in Rexburg to their Trunk or Treat. That day was a lot colder and it had just snowed 6 inches that morning!! Luckily it had melted off the parking lot, it was just really wet and still pretty cold.

For Halloween we got together with Chris' brother and wife and their two boys. It was so fun, we just hung out and had pizza, went trick or treating and had homemade hot chocolate...which was so delicious! Because we lucked out with the weather the boys could have kept going all night, but we just went to the houses right around Jeff and Maria's house and then headed over to my aunt and uncle's neighborhood! We had a lot of fun and Parker is already asking to go trick or treating again!!

The boys and my adorable nephew, Kaydon (who was a cute little dinosaur)!
 It is so incredibly difficult to get three kids to smile at the camera at the same time, if at all!!! 
This was taken at the Halloween Trunk or Treat at World Gym...