Thursday, July 30, 2009

Favorite Place

Parker's ALL TIME favorite place to be....(don't worry, Chris is behind him to make sure he doesn't fall!)

He just loves to look outside and watch people drive by. He gets excited when he sees Daddy coming home from work!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Garage Fun

Last week Parker and I went down to Idaho Falls to help my grandparents unpack stuff at their new townhouse. I was also picking up boxes and bubble wrap and paper for our move. Parker didn't really like being in the house with my grandparents while I was in the garage folding up I brought him out to the garage with me (the house hasn't ever been lived in so the garage floor was pretty clean). Anyways, Parker found some wooden poles that go to something and played with them for a good 30 minutes...he was having so much FUN with them!

Here is the mouth thing again (see next post to find out what I mean)! And check out his hair!
Kung-Fu-ing it...

11 Months Old

Parker turned 11 months old this past Saturday, the 18th. I really can't believe how fast he has grown and can't believe that he will be 1 in less than a month!!! CRAZY! The other day Chris found some Hawaiian stuff that we had gotten at our last ward activity at he decided to put it on Parker and see what he would do. He seemed to enjoy it, which I'm not so sure is a good sign! But he looked really cute :) I'm thinking these will be good embarrasing pictures for when he gets older!!
This is Parker's latest...opening the mouth as wide as it will go and usually he yells also...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Little Jean Jacket

My Step-Mom and Dad gave us a really cute jean jacket for Parker to wear last year sometime and we finally tried it on him yesterday. This jacket has been worn by all of my brothers and sister on the Wiser side, except for my sister Kelsey and I. Now it's being passed between all of us. And since I was the first one to have a kid, Parker is the first grandchild to be able to wear it! It's still a little big for Parker and it makes his head look a little smaller, but he looked so cute in it!

Visiting Dad at Work

On Friday Parker and I went up to see Chris at work. They were up in Island Park again and were finishing up the dome for the Family Reunion Center. By finishing I mean that they had sprayed their last load of concrete inside so now the outer structure is complete. They only have about a week left to finish up some other things so we wante to see what it looked like. It was pretty cool, I've never seen the inside of an actual dome structure before. Anyways, we watched Chris finish up scraping concrete off from around the windows and then he took Parker on a ride in the lift. They went all the way to the top of the 40 foot dome. Parker seemed to like it!!

Up at the top of the dome!
Helping Dad man the lift...
On the way back down...

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Parker loves to go in the bathroom when ever the door gets left open or when we go in there for a second. He just rushes as fast as he can to try and beat us to closing the door. Yesterday after Chris got home from work, he was washing his hands or shaving or something and Parker raced right in there and went right for the tub...

Nobody can find me!!! Hehe
AAhhh, they found me!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

**This is a very long post with a TON of pictures from the WHOLE day...just keep scrolling!**

Yesterday we had a great 4th of July! We headed down to Idaho Falls around 9:30 in the morning to go to the Parade. It was pretty fun. Usually my grandparents, and aunts, uncles, and cousins go to and we all meet up together...but this year one of my cousins was getting baptized later in the day so nobody else went. The weather was PERFECT though, a slight breeze and it wasn't too hot either. Last year at the parade it was sooo hot, with hardley any breeze and I was 8 months pregnant! Parker seemed to enjoy himself, he liked to climb on his stroller and play with the grass and our chairs.

Daddy and Parker watching the Parade
Okay, I really have no idea what Parker is doing, but I just love his expression!! He was clapping a little while I took this picture too...silly kid!
I love this picture!
Chris was trying to get him to stand by himself and I was able to quickly get this before he fell over...he'll be walking in no time!
Mommy and Parker
After the parade we went over to my grandparent's house and hung out for a little bit, ate some lunch and put Parker down for a small nap before the baptism. My cousin Elise Davis got baptized yesterday afternoon at 2:00. There were 3 other girls from their stake that got baptized also. It was a really nice ceremony. Our other cousin, Kristen, sang a beautiful song that gave me chills when she sang it.

The family after Elise's baptism
Parker wondering why Elise's brother, Boyd, was crying.
The special girl!
Afterwards, we headed back to my grandparent's house and changed our clothes and got things ready to head over to my aunt and uncle's house, where we spent the rest of the afternoon/evening. We had a nice BBQ dinner, with hot dogs and homemade hamburger patties. The WHOLE dinner was really, really good. After dinner we just hung out, watched a couple movies, watched the kids play and then got ready to wath the fireworks. Parker had an absolute BLAST at both my grandparent's house and my aunt and uncle's house because they are so much bigger than our house. He crawled ALL over and found cabinets, drawers, doors, windows, chairs that moved when he pushed them and of course the stairs! We don't have stairs at home, but he still knows how to crawl up REALLY well too, it's amazing. He doesn't, however, quite know how to go back down them...he seems to think that going down head first will do the trick!!

Around 9 pm we headed over to our usual spot at an elementary school on the other side of the river to watch the fireworks. My grandpa always pops a bunch of popcorn and the kids enjoy playing on the playground until the fireworks start. Parker did really well and stayed awake for the WHOLE time, considering he only had about 2 1-hour naps! He watched them for the most part, but it didn't seem to hold his interest as much as we thought it would. The fireworks were pretty good this year, but I sort of think that last year's were a lot better. After the fireworks it usually takes us a good 1-2 hours to even get home, but this year it took us 35 minutes! However, we did take a small detour...back to my aunt and uncle's house to shoot off a few more fireworks (the really high and illegal ones I think!), and it only took us 10 MINUTES to get back to their was AWESOME!!! I have never gotten out of there soo fast, and the traffic back home was really good too, but we didn't get back home til almost midnight. All in all it was a great, long, and tiring day!!

Waiting for the fireworks!
Daddy and Parker watching the Fireworks!
Some of the clearer pictures of the fireworks