Friday, December 2, 2011

Family Pictures

This year I wanted to try and get our family pictures with all the pretty fall colors and leaves and before the snow came. Well we were able to get them done before too much snow fell, however because of timing issues we were unable to catch the fall colors in our pictures. I was also a little disappointed because we were going to go to a couple different locations but with it being a bit chilly, the boys both having colds and runny noses, and them being cranky we were only able to do one location. Despite all of this, we still managed to get some really good pictures! Here are a few of my favorites :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

This year we packed up the car and headed down to Cedar City, UT to spend Thanksgiving with Chris' entire immediate family at his aunt's house. It was a bit overwhelming in that there were 29, yes 29 PEOPLE staying in the same house for 3 days!!! It was crazy, but fun all the same. The boys had an absolute blast having SO many kids to play with everyday, all day! Thanksgiving Dinner was so delicious, including all the different flavored pies we had! Most of the boys and kids went out in the morning for the Turkey Bowl...which didn't last long for Parker or Tyler because of the wind, but I think everyone else had fun. We played a lot of games, watch a few movies, cooked and just enjoyed catching up with everyone!! Thank you so much Aunt Heather and Uncle Dave for letting us ALL come and invade your house!!

Parker liked playing when he could have the ball, but there were a few times when he tried to run for it to pick it up and someone got there first and snagged it, which made him sad and he would just walk away. This was his first big game that he has ever played, especially with so many people that it was hard for him to realize that he needed to let everyone play. I still think he had fun though! Even my nephew Kaydon and Tyler got to play too!!
Kick it Parker!!!
Tyler's turn to play with the ball!
Story of his life...Big Brother ALWAYS getting to the ball first!! haha
He was POOPED!!! It's not very often that you see Parker go lay on the couch or chair and have to fight to stay awake, he's usually always go, Go, GO! We were just about ready to eat our Thanksgiving lunch/dinner, or I would have put him down for a nap. (Wish I would have because when we put him down after we ate, he had perked back up and didn't end up sleeping...little stinker!)

Friday afternoon we went out and took family's been A LONG time since we have had the whole family together!
It's only gonna get bigger!!!
Maria & Jeff and their adorable little boy, Kaydon
Valerie & Nathan and their cute and hilarious girls, Ella, Lizzy, Sammy & Rachel!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We actually made it back to civilization for Halloween this year! Trick or Treating was the ONLY thing we were able to do for the Halloween holiday, which made me a little sad, but last night was a blast! We met up with my aunt and uncle in Idaho Falls and took the boys trick or treating with their kids around the neighborhood. It was awesome because their youngest is just a few months younger than Parker, so it was really cute to watch them get all excited and run up to each door. Tyler got the hang of it really quick too and would try to squeeze his way through to the front of each door. He also loved holding his bag, and then we got him to start saying "MOOOO" at each door, that just made him even more cute!!!

I just love Ty's costume...he looked sooo cute!!
Because of Parker's obsession with Thomas the Train this year, naturally he wanted to be Thomas for Halloween!!
It was so cute because all three of them were holding hands! My cousin, Boyd, was Clifford the Big Red Dog, he was too cute :)
Checkin' out what he has in his bag!
Ty decided to ditch the bag and head straight for the door...he may have tried to enter each house, as well as tried to return to each house after leaving! That's when we decided to carry him to each house! lol
Definitely the cutest little cow I've ever seen!
The only good picture of Parker in his costume...
Love them!! :)
I wasn't able to get pictures of the boys in their costumes until after trick or treating, and they were so TIRED!! And, we only had one small casualty...Ty tripped over his bag and hit his head on the corner of a metal milk box :(
Tyler was checkin' out what he got in his bag.
Clifford going through his candy!! Everyone really scored this year and came away with LOTS of candy and goodies!

Major Snow Storm :O

Last Tuesday night and ALL day Wednesday we had a major snow storm. I'm not talking like just 4 or 5 inches, we got at least over 12 INCHES people!!!! It was crazy! I had never seen so much snow in my life come down all at once. Needless to say it was one of those days where you just want to curl up in sweats and watch movies and drink hot chocolate. We at least drank hot chocolate, but we also attempted to play in the didn't quite work out like we'd hoped. It was cold, still snowing, too fluffy to really sled down, and too deep making Tyler not a big fan!! It sure was pretty though watching it come down and was sure pretty after it stopped too.
These next few pictures seriously cracked me up! Haha, he couldn't really walk in the snow, and when he would try he would fall over and then had a hard time getting back up! It was classic!! There was only like an inch or so between him and the top of the snow. haha
Parker is getting tired and cold, it wasn't quite as much fun for him either as last time.
My best attempt at getting a picture of me and Tyler...Tyler wasn't really cooperating with me :(
Okay, now don't be fooled...that's not all the snow that was on that car...there was quite a bit MORE!! It seriously took me like 20-30 minutes to dig it out of the snow, 2 DAYS later, after some had melted too. It was insane, and not the most enjoyable task out there! lol
So Pretty :)
I took this the next morning, there was definitely over an inch...CRAZY, especially since the day before it was in the 50's and dry!!

Candy Sorting

Last week Parker wanted some of his mini M&M's, so I thought this would be a perfect time to have him work on sorting the colors and then counting each color! I got a paper plate and divided it into 6 sections and then had him put each color in a different section. He did surprisingly well for his first time! His counting has gotten a lot better lately and can count at least up til 12 without missing a number. I was a little surprised when I heard him do it the first time because every time I heard him count he would always miss a number hear and there and then start over! He has known his colors for quite a while now, but this was just his first official color sorting activity. I guess since what was just way too easy, I'm going to have to find some other, harder things for him to sort!! He had fun though....I think!
He was pretending to be a dog, and wouldn't use his hands! haha

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Potty Training Week 2

A recap of the 2nd week of potty training, hopefully much better than the first!!

Monday 10/17: Today was a fantastic day! He wore the same pair of underwear ALL day long (except during nap and bed time)!!!! He woke up wet, but I think that was just because we didn't quite make it in time. We even went for a short (1 hr) trip and he stayed dry the whole time. He also did poop in his diaper during nap time but other than that Parker did fantastic!!!

Tuesday 10/18: This morning Parker woke up dry and he made it to the potty! The rest of the morning was fairly uneventful, except for the one accident that he had. I had to run a few errands in Breckenridge so I put him in a diaper just to be on the safe side and when we got back a couple hours later, he was still dry! Yay :) Nap time again consisted of pooping in his diaper, twice. And then he had another accident before dinner, so over all it wasn't the best day but, I have faith that it will be better tomorrow!! He is doing a lot better about keeping his diaper dry, and I think he knows now that he has to go potty in the potty and not his diaper. He did finish out the night by going potty again before bed, so at least we ended the day on a good note!

Wednesday 10/19: Parker woke up dry again in the morning and after his nap. I believe he only had 1 accident today.

Thursday 10/20: Parker went poop in the potty again today! We have been staying kept up in the house the last couple days to try and really make sure he gets it, and I think we are getting closer. Maybe tomorrow we will venture out to the park or something to get out of the house. We are so proud of how well he is doing! He did have 1 accident today, however, but only having 1 accident each day for the last few days is awesome.

Friday 10/21: Today he didn't quite make it to the potty when he first woke up, but that was mainly our fault for not helping him get there faster. We then took a short 1-hour trip to the park and he stayed completely dry the whole time!! It was great :) After his nap he was again dry and a little bit later in the afternoon, right before dinner time he had one accident. Then after dinner we took a trip to the store and he stayed dry. On the way home we asked him if he needed to go potty and he said he did, so we hurried our fastest to get home before he had an accident. Well, he held it and went in the potty! Good job Parker! The days are getting better with only really having 1 accident in his underpants. I don't really count the ones in his diaper because most of the time it's just us (me) being lazy and not taking him to the bathroom.

Saturday 10/22: Parker again woke up dry this morning!!! We might just have to try and risk putting him to bed with underpants on and see what happens! A couple hours later, after breakfast he went poop and pee in the potty...YAY :) Can you tell I just get even more and more excited as each day passes? Just the thought of only have 1 child in diapers is just so nice and so close! This afternoon we had to go grocery shopping and look for costumes for the boys up in Silverthorne (about 45 minutes away or so). We decided to risk it and let Parker wear his underpants the whole time, but went prepared with extra clothes and a towel for his carseat in case he had an accident while we were driving. On our way up there we found out that Chris needed to go to Vail first to pick up some primer for work which is about 30 minutes or so in the opposite direction of made me a little nervous, but luckily since it was nap time the boys both fell asleep and slept the whole way. When we got to Sherwin Williams we asked if Parker needed to go potty and he said yes, so we took him inside and he went! Then when we finally got to Target we had him try again, but he didn't need to go, so we just continued our shopping. Right before we left we had him try and he still didn't need to go. However since it was dinner time we found this burger place that we wanted to try (wasn't really that great by the way!) and afterwards we asked if he needed to go and he said yes and he went!! We had a couple more stops to make before heading home, but to sum it up...We were gone for a good 6-7 hours at least and he stayed dry the ENTIRE time!!! He even went again when we got home, which means that Parker went the ENTIRE DAY without having 1 single accident, in a diaper or underpants!! WOOHOO Parker, way to go :)

Sunday 10/23: Today was accident free also, except he did poop in his diaper this morning before his bath..ggrrr. But other than that, he did great! Even at church! I'm pretty sure he has the concept down, now we just need to fine tune everything and get him completely out of diapers and having him actually tell us that he needs to go so we don't have to nag him about it all the time. I had really been dreading doing this for quite some time but the whole process really wasn't as difficult as I had thought it was going to be!!! I'm glad the worst part is finally over! Hopefully :)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Finger Painting Extravaganza

Tonight I let the boys do some finger painting after dinner, with some edible 'finger paints' (a.k.a. vanilla pudding with food coloring) mind you. I'm pretty sure it was a hit and they will be wanting to do it again!

It took Parker a couple minutes to get the hang of it and actually put his hands in the 'paint'. I had to push his hand in and show him how to do it and then he was all for it! He really isn't someone that likes to have dirty hands, so this was a big step for him! He refused to taste it though! lol
Tyler had absolutely NO problem getting dirty and playing around with all the colors!
Getting a little messier...
I just LOVE this picture!! It cracks me up :) I don't think he could get any messier!! haha