Sunday, August 31, 2008


Well our internet has been down for the past week and a half, and technically still is. However I'm borrowing my grandparent's internet, so I'm able to update our blog for all of you who were wondering! Here are a few more pictures of Parker, which I know is the only reason you all read our blog now!! Just kidding ;)

I thought he looked like Sherlock Holmes with his little hat on, so I just had to take a picture!

Chris giving him his very first "real" bath since his umbilical cord fell the following pictures will show, Parker wasn't too thrilled with this idea!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Please Welcome.....

PARKER GRANT BELL into the world! He was born yesterday, August 18, 2008 at 1:56 pm, weighing in at exactly 7 pounds and 18.5 inches long. I was induced 2 1/2 weeks early due to high blood pressure. Parker and I have the wonderful privilege of sharing the same birthday...Happy Birthday Parker!!! Enjoy the pictures :)

For all of those who wanted to see a picture of me pregnant...

Proud Daddy!!

Younger brother, Connor holding his 1st nephew

Chris's youngest brother Bradley

Parker Grant Bell

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Baby Update

Well I just thought I would give everyone an update on the baby...We went in for my weekly appointment yesterday and found that my blood pressure was really high, higher than last week. So the doctor sent me up to the hospital to spend the night to monitor my blood pressure and do a 24-hour urine sample to check the protien levels and make sure everything was okay. If my blood pressure didn't stabalize while I was laying in bed then I was going to be induced today, otherwise I'd be on strict bed rest for about a week and a half, until I reach 39 weeks. Well my blood pressure did stay down while I was laying down, so I was sent home this morning but have to stay in bed and am only allowed to shower and go to the bathroom. I have to go back to the doctor's office on Friday to get my blood pressure checked again and could possibly be induced this weekend or if everything still looks okay most likely next week. It's crazy and exciting to think I'm almost done and we will be having a baby anytime!!! That's the most recent update, and for those of you who have been wanting to see a picture of me, I'll try to get one up soon...maybe! ;)