Thursday, July 19, 2012

We have another 2 YEAR OLD!!!!

That's right! Tyler turned 2 on July 12!! We didn't really do anything all that special. We invited Nate and Emily and their boys (the family here with us) over for a BBQ and cake. We didn't have any fun games or anything either. But I did make him a really cute cake that turned out really well!!! Parker helped make the cupcakes, and then preceded to take at least one bite out of as many as he could in a short 1-minute time frame when I would have something else to do ... of which he managed to ruin 6 or 8 of them!! And he managed to help Tyler get in on the action too!! Little stinkers! Luckily, we had enough cupcakes to make this adorable cake :)
 Not quite as excited as I would have thought, maybe he still isn't quite sure what is happening!!
YES that is Parker licking the caterpillar's head!!! Apparently he just couldn't wait for some cake..I just wish I had moved over just a tad to see his face!!
 We bought those balloons the night before. I was so sad that they didn't last a full 24 hours!!
 Still hungry??!
 His favorite present by far! He also got another Baby Einstein movie, some cheap sun glasses and a little penguin that moves around in the water!
Happy Birthday Little Man!! We sure do love you and love having you as part of our family!!
He had his 2-year check up the next day and he did great! His stats are Height: 35 inches and Weight: 28.8 lbs both in the 60th percentile!! He also had to have one shot and boy did he know it was coming!! The nurse came back in the room after the doctor left and he immediately started screaming the second she walked in (we hadn't even put him back on the table yet!!) He was a champ though and only cried for a minute or two after his shot.

Marshmallow Shooters

I found this idea on pinterest a while ago and decided to finally do it with the boys. I loved it because it was super easy to make and all we had to buy were the marshmallows!! The boys had a blast with it too, but they didn't last long outside because it was so hot. And the rule is they can ONLY shoot them outside...I clean up too much food around this house, I don't need to create more work for myself! 
Tyler kept letting go of the cup instead of the balloon! lol

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

4th of July, 2012

This year was another year spent away from Idaho, which we REALLY missed!! I don't know why but it pretty much didn't feel like a holiday here in Mason, TX. There were NO fireworks (we only heard like 5), NO parades (the closest one was 45 minutes away and if we hadn't had such a late night the night before we probably would have gone) and Chris worked most of the day. So we decided to take the boys swimming with the other family and then have a BBQ with everyone after they got off work. The BBQ was last minute, sort of so out of the 16 or 17 people that are here it was only us and the other family and 1 other we ended up with a LOT of leftover food! We had also bought snaps for the kids to do, we couldn't find any other fireworks anywhere!! They had fun with them though!
Brady, TX (about 30 minutes North of us) had a parade and firework show on Saturday, July 7. So I took the boys to the parade in the morning while Chris was at work and then we all headed back up there for the fireworks that night. They boys were more into them this year which was fun! So at least we were able to have a little bit of the holiday spirit, but it just wasn't the same as being in Idaho with family...Next year most definitely!!!
A nice lady gave the boys these flags.
They all got so excited when candy was thrown to them!!
Waving to the people in the parade!
Waiting for the fireworks...

Mess-Free Finger Painting!!

I found this idea on Pinterest and the boys loved it...well Parker more than Tyler!

Father's Day 2012

Father's Day this year was a good one. It was a nice relaxing day, which Chris doesn't get too much of these days. I got him a book he had been wanting (but it hadn't come yet) and he also scored on  homemade gifts from the boys this year!! (The pictures were taken from my phone, so they aren't very good :( )
 Questionnaire from Parker All About Dad!
The boys also made little cards using their handprints...It said I love you THIS much (with an accordian thing in between the two was a pinterest idea!)

Happy Father's Day Chris!!!!

Lime Tasting

A few weeks ago we went out to dinner at this little place here in Mason. Instead of putting lemons in our water, they put limes! Well, Tyler loves eating our lemons whenever we get them, so we let him try our lime...I don't know if he likes them quite as well as lemons, but it was still hilarious! We took a video too which we just can't get enough of! (PS: he fell off the couch the night before and split just above his eye open...hence the bandaid!!)

Little Jailbird

One day I went in to the play room to check on the boys and when I walked in I could only see Parker. I asked him where Tyler was and this is where he was...

More Pool Time

I think it's safe to say the boys have had their fair share of pool time this year!! I got a few really good pictures I just had to share with you!

Lehnis Railroad Museum- June 2, 2012

We went to this cool little train museum in Brownwood, Texas with the 2 other families here with us. It was a fun little activity to get us out of the house. We rode on a little train, pushed buttons on the model trains, went inside a real train and played with some other toys too. The boys seemed to really enjoy themselves.
 The kids had fun standing in the bubble and watching the trains and stuff move.
 One of the model sets. There were 3 or 4 of them throughout the museum.
 The kids play area...