Sunday, July 27, 2008

Island Park

So this past weekend our friends Jon and Sydney invited us to go up to Island Park with them. It was a lot of fun and the weather was beautiful. We stayed in this nice cabin and went swimming on Saturday, okay well at least everyone else did, I just put my feet in the water since I currently don't have a swim suit that fits me! It was fun though to just relax and be outside. The lake was beautiful. It has been a really long time since I've been to the lake, we used to go all the time when we were little. We wanted to rent a boat or jet skis or something, but they were all gone...darn! Here are some pictures though of the lake...

Chris, contemplating whether to jump in or not

One view of the lake...

Another view of the lake...

Last view of the lake.

Chris getting pushed in the lake!

Chris and Jon introducing Carson to the water...he turned out to love it!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Baby Shower Fun

So after the company picnic yesterday was my baby shower. I know, busy day huh? My friend Sydney through it for me and it was pretty fun. Not very many people showed up because there were several people that were out of town or had family here for graduation that was the night before. Oh well. Sydney had some great games, that I have never heard/done before and I got some pretty cool stuff. I got a booster seat from my aunt that can be used instead of using a bulky highchair, and I got some cute outfits from a couple different people and a cute handmade sleeper/bib and blanket from my grandma that was handmade by one of her friends. Sydney gave me a basket full of bottles, bibs, pacifiers, book, teether, hangers, washcloths, baby lotion and bath stuff, and a bunch of other stuff. It was awesome. I can't wait until the baby comes so I can start using all of the stuff I have been getting! I only have 5 1/2 more WEEKS!!!!! It's going to be here so fast, I just can't believe it.

Company Picnic

Well yesterday was an incredibly busy and fun-filled day. Chris and I went to my annunal company picnic at Frank's (our CEO) ranch with our friends Jon and Sydney and their baby, Carson (Sydney also works for Melaleuca). It was actually really fun, the weather was just perfect, the nice breeze throughout the whole day was what made it so nice. There were huge tents set up to sit under for shade, there was a water zone for the kids with at least 50 pools and a fire truck spraying water off it, there were a few rides and blow-up slides and jumpers, etc., mini-golf and free food and drinks and snow cones all day long. It was awesome. But I think what made it even more awesome was the fact that I actually won a PRIZE!!!! Every year they have at least a hundred different things to give away. Here is just a little look into what some of the prizes included: 17 Wii's, Trampolines, 32" and 42" flat screen TV, Cruise tickets, Golf Clubs, camping tents, X-Box 360, Playstation 2's, BBQ's, etc. What happens is that they put your name in the box for as many years you have worked for the company, so naturally I didn't really think I had a chance to win anything, since I have almost worked there for 2 years. There are people that have worked there for over 20 years, so I figured for sure they had more of a chance. Anyways, I was just sitting there, not really paying attention to what prize they were giving away and all of a sudden I hear my uncle call my name (he's the Executive VP of the company)!! It was awesome, except that I really had no idea what I had just won! When I finally got all the way up there I was handed a DVD/VHS Combo Recorder. It's pretty nice and I'm still in shock that I won anything!! All in all it was a great day to just relax, listen to the music and eat good food! :)

1 Down...1 More to Go!

Well I have just completed one more semester and now I only have one more left until I graduate!!!! I'm so excited and I can't believe how fast it's gone by. Chris also has one more semester that as of now he will be completing in the fall as well. I can't believe it, we'll actually have to go out and start our real lives at the end of this year!! Anyways, this semester went pretty well, I'm not sure of all of my final grades, but I'm pretty sure I got A's in all of them, which is awesome. I definitely learned a lot and can't wait to start my last three classes in September.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July...

Well yesterday was a pretty fun and relaxing day. We started our day off with heading down to Idaho Falls to watch the annual parade with all of my family. It was pretty fun, except for the fact that I was dying of heat!! It's a good thing we had just bought one of those water bottle fan things, which ended up being the hit of the day to help keep all of us cool. The parade lasted a couple hours, then we all headed over to my grandparents house for good ol' barbeque hamburgers and hot dogs, fruit and broccoli salad, chips, punch, and of course dessert!! It was really good and left me full for pretty much the rest of the day. After we all ate it was time for relaxing and nap times until the fireworks that night. It felt so nice to be in an air conditioned house for the majority of the day instead of either outside or at our apartment where it's always hot during the day. Chris went and helped my uncle prepare their master bathroom to be tiled this weekend and then everybody sat down and watched a movie, while I took a nap.

Around 7:30 or so my grandpa started making the popcorn for the firework show that Melaleuca puts on every year. He makes amazing popcorn!! Who knew that plain popcorn with just a little salt would be so good? He cooks it on the stove with a little oil and it's pretty much all of our favorite kind! My grandma also made this amazing Texas Sheet cake, which is very addicting and I'm pretty sure I gained a couple pounds just from eating so many pieces of it! lol So after popping about 3 huge paper grocery bags full of popcorn we loaded up in the cars and headed off to our usual spot at an elementary school playground & field to set up our chairs and get comfortable. The fireworks didn't start until 10, since it takes so long for it to get dark outside. Once they started they were awesome! It seems like to me that they were better this year than in previous years. It lasted for 30 minutes without any break in the action. The music they had them going to was fun and more upbeat and the fireworks went pretty high and they were a lot brighter as well. We all enjoyed them.

When it was time to head back home it was a very long process. You would think that since we were so close to the highway that it wouldn't take us that long to get home, 45 minutes tops. HA! No, it took us about 40 minutes just to make it to the highway and then another 45 minutes on top of that to get home. Traffic was horrible and of course it didn't help that the highway is down to one lane for about 1/2 of it due to construction. It was funny though because everyone started getting in the right lane before we even got close to the construction, well you know how there are always those people who go in the empty lane all the way until they can't anymore and then cut in front of all the people who had waited for EVER?! Well, there was a car a few cars in front of us that decided he was tired of that and decided to get in the left lane and just stop and keep his same pace as he was going in the other lane, like 2 mph!!! It was hilarious because all the cars that tried to drive in the left lane had to stop. A cop was the first one to drive up behind him, but it was one of those cars where the lights are all inside the car instead of up on top so the other car had no idea until the cop turned his lights on. My first thought was that he was going to get pulled over or something, but no he just went around him and called it good. Well then a few minutes later the other cars that were stopped behind him got fed up and started driving on the shoulder to pass him, it was pretty funny. I had never seen anything like it before.

We finally got home around midnight and boy were we glad that it was the weekend and that we didn't have to get up early because we were both drained. It was nice to spend time with my family though!!! This could have possibly been our last 4th of July here since we are both graduating in December. Who knows where we will be next year, but it will be a fun adventure to find out!!