Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mini Golf

Last night Chris' brother and his wife watched Parker overnight so that Chris and I could celebrate our anniversary. It was the FIRST time that Parker has stayed overnight at someone else's house, without us!! I was a little worried and had mixed feelings about leaving him, but he did really well and actually slept in about 2 hours longer than he usually sleeps...GO FIGURE!

Anyways, Chris and I went and played some mini golf at the Riot Zone in Rigby and then we went to dinner and a movie. It was really fun and nice to get out do something just by ourselves. We took a few pictures at the Riot Zone, but not a lot. Chris ended up beating me by 4 I'm thinking we will just have to go back sometime soon so I can try to beat him!

All by MySeLf!!!

The other day Parker got into the pantry and found his puffs container. Next thing I knew he had taken the lid off and dumped them all out and then proceeded to eat them!! What can I say, he loves them!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

3 YEARS!!!

Today is our 3-year Anniversary! I can't believe it's already been that long...time sure does fly. We've had a great last few years and can't wait to see what the future 50+ years bring us! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY CHRIS...I LOVE YOU!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Hideout

Last week after church Parker found a new place to play. There were a couple toys in the bottom shelf of our entertainment center and he followed them inside. It was so funny, and he didn't seem to mind that he couldn't sit all the way up.

Hey Mom, look where I am!
Not quite sure what he is doing here...
All done, time to go find something else to do!

Look what I'm doing!!!

So the other day I was doing the dishes or something and Parker was being really quiet, so I went to find him. His door was pretty much shut and when I looked in, I saw...Luckily I found him before he decided to pull all his clothes out of the drawer!

Island Park

Chris has been working in Island Park this past week and has been staying in a cabin, that his co-worker's grandparents own, with a few other people. On Friday Parker and I drove up and was able to stay the night with them and hangout while Chris worked. He had to work Saturday morning too, which is why I went up on Friday. When they got off work we drove up to Big Springs before going home. It's the beginning of the Snake River and is the clearest river I have EVER seen! We fed the fish and birds and walked over to see the spring where the water actually enters the river. It was pretty cool because you could see all these bubbles where the water was coming up from the ground.

Parker did pretty well, but didn't sleep all that well. I guess he just thought there was too much fun happening that he didn't want to miss it! He was the only one to escape the mosquitos. I was only there for 24 hours and managed to get like 15 mosquito bites!!! Oh well, it was a fun little getaway and a nice change from being home all day, everyday while Chris was gone. The pictures below are from Big Springs.

There was a muskrat that was trying to eat all the bread too. If you look close enough, you can see a couple of the fish...there were some huge fish too! The water is sooo clear...
Parker and Daddy
Parker was more interested in the birds than looking at the camera!
Watching the birds trying to eat the bread...
Chris and Parker standing in front of the spring...the ACTUAL beginning of the river...
Parker and Mommy

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Like Father, Like Son

This morning I walked into the bathroom to start getting ready for church and Chris was shaving....Parker wanted to be like daddy and had shaving cream on his face also! I was also able to get a picture of his newest/latest smile...showing ALL his teeth! The picture doesn't portray the actual smile, but it's pretty close, he usually crinkles up his nose. But he doesn't really do it when whe try to get him to smile, it's always random so this picture was as close as I could get!


This past week Chris and I went to roundtable for scouts and I won a door prize...plastic balls that have holes. There were five of them all in different colors and they quickly became Parker's favorite toys! He loves to chase them all around the apartment. I was finally able to get a video of him doing it...he would always stop by the time I got the camera out.