Friday, August 3, 2012

Brady,Texas Pool

A lot of time has been spent at this pool this summer! Even though we have a pool here in Mason, we still drive the 30 minutes to this pool because it is a lot more kid-friendly for Tyler. Parker swims pretty well with his life jacket on in any depth but Tyler has still been getting used to wearing a life jacket and the pool in Mason starts out at 2ft, and doesn't have anything except a small water slide, so there isn't much for Tyler to do. 
 Tyler wanted to get down and play and clearly didn't want to have anything to do with the camera! (It was break time..)
 So happy to have actually gotten a good picture of me and Parker!!
 Playing with his friend, Samuel
 That is a penquin that Tyler got for his birthday...Parker won't let that thing out of his sight!
 Chris has even gotten to play some basketball with the guys the few times they didn't have to work on a Saturday.